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Pregnancy Facts: Are You Ready for the Amazing, the Bizarre and the Expected? 

by Carolyn Lee Jun 17, 2019

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Life is filled with moments that wow us. There are also moments that inspire us to read more and to look for the unusual despite our usual routines. 

We understand that the journey for each pregnant woman is unique. It can be a time of great discovery. 

We’ve uncovered a few pregnancy facts that we believe will wow you. The best part, even if you aren’t pregnant, you will still have something to smile about or share with friends. 


Let’s get into it! 


Some women may produce breast milk weeks or months after becoming pregnant. If your breasts are leaking, it could be colostrum. This is the first milk your breasts make in preparation for feeding your baby. 


During the first trimester, the uterus is about the size of an orange. In the third trimester, it can expand to the size of a watermelon. 


Your baby begins making its first poo at 21 weeks. This is called meconium, which the baby usually passes out after its birth. 


In the third trimester, your baby can recognise your voice from inside the womb. 


Scientists have found that babies can cry in the womb. Their expressions of displeasure or distress can be detected in ultrasounds at just 28 weeks.  


During pregnancy, your hair will not shed as much. However, you may start growing hair in other places – breast, stomach and face. 


A pregnant woman’s heart can grow bigger (length and width) to circulate extra blood for her baby. 


The longest pregnancy recorded was Beulah Hunter’s (1945). She was pregnant for 375 days. 


The oldest person to give birth was Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara. She gave birth at age 66 in 2006 to twin boys. She is also the oldest person to give birth to twins. 


The shortest pregnancy on record where the infant survived was 21 weeks. Before this, the record was 22 weeks. Both babies survived.

There are many other extraordinary facts about pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you are already noticing the expected and a few unexpected ways in which your body is changing. Work with your doctor on a plan that is right for you.  

If you are planning on having a little one, we hope that you found these facts interesting. 


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