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Seven Unique Career Options You Might Find Interesting

by Carolyn Lee Feb 19, 2024

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Seven Unique Career Options You Might Find Interesting

Medicine, education, finance, entertainment, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and technology are some industries that are attractive to job seekers. However, some unique jobs are available for those who have non-traditional career goals. We have a few unique job options you might find interesting if you consider changing your job.

Seven Unique Career Options

Intimacy Coordinator: If you’ve ever wondered how actors perform intimate scenes in movies, TV series, or advertisements, we have the answer. Intimate scenes on camera are often choreographed by an intimacy coordinator (movement coach). This job involves being the liaison between actors and production to ensure professionalism in simulated sex, nudity, or hyper-exposed scenes.

Feng Shui Consultant: Feng shui refers to the interconnectedness of human life and its synchronicity with the surrounding environment. If you are a skilful interior designer and understand feng shui, you can use it to bring harmony to your client’s home or work spaces. To see what others in this industry are doing, search #fengshuiconsultant on social media platforms.

Professional Cuddler: If you love giving hugs and helping others relax and feel comfortable, you might be interested in working as a professional cuddler. You must consider security measures and establish parameters with your clients to ensure safety. Once you have secured your clientele, you can work on establishing your business. While this job requires courage, it could be the path to financial independence.

A golf ball diver: Being a golf ball diver may sound odd, but you can make money. During rounds of play, some balls roll or fall into water hazards (small ponds scattered throughout a golf course). Since golf balls are waterproof, they can be retrieved and recycled as an affordable option for buying new ones. You must be a strong swimmer and diver to take on this role.

Ethical Hacker: In this role, a professional hacker tests the security parameters of businesses to ensure that their networks are secure. Some responsibilities include implementing safeguards and recommending safety protocols to your client to prevent future cyberattacks. This job pays well, so it might be worth exploring if you are already in the industry.

Body Painter: Most artists enjoy using unconventional methods and items to create stunning pieces. For some, the human body is the perfect canvas to work with. Becoming a body painter allows you to freelance, set your rates, and choose the clients you want to work with. Body painting services are required for video shoots, music festivals, films, fairs, and special projects.

Food Stylist: A food stylist acquires food, cooks it on location and then arranges it to complement a scene on a film set. You will also need to maintain the aesthetic of shots by refreshing and replacing food during scenes. One perk of this job most people appreciate is seeing their work immortalised on screen.

Are you ready to explore these job options?

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