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Seven Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples That Prefer to Stay at Home

by Carolyn Lee Feb 6, 2023

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Seven Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples That Prefer to Stay at Home

It is typical for couples to treat each other to gifts and experiences that help create lasting memories on Valentine’s Day. Intimate dinners, long drives, and spa treatments are ways to make your partner feel appreciated and loved. While some couples enjoy going out, others stay at home and make the time together memorable. If you plan on shutting in and enjoying each other this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas to make your time together unforgettable.

Enjoy a movie marathon.

If you and your partner love movies, a romantic movie marathon can be a relaxing way to spend the night. Make a shortlist of the movies you love and create the mood with strategically placed candles, snacks, and blankets. A glass of wine, a preferred beverage, and chocolate can make this experience even better. Hint: You can use Find Yello to locate a local chocolatier or supermarket, so you have the treats you need ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Cook dinner together.

An intimate dinner at a fine dining restaurant sounds nice, but many are typically overbooked or busy on Valentine’s Day. To avoid the hassle, create a menu with your partner, grab the ingredients at the supermarket, and cook together. A special home-cooked meal can be more exciting than going out to eat. Even if one of you is not a professional chef, you can still cook a special dinner you both enjoy. Hint: We have a list of supermarkets in each market, so you can find the grocery items you need to create that delicious and satisfying Valentine’s Day meal you plan on cooking together!

Write each other love letters.

Writing a letter is one way to let your partner know you adore them. Write letters to each other expressing specific and personal details about what you love most about your partner, why you enjoy being with them, or what made you fall in love. If you are artistic, we suggest using rustic-looking cotton textured deckled edge paper. Subliminally, the texture hints at cotton sheets, which may be how you wish to end the night. Hint: Your local office supplies stores, pharmacies, and gift shops might carry the products you need.

Make it an all-day event.

You can start the celebrations early by applying for the day off and spending the morning sleeping in, making breakfast together, and enjoying each other’s company however you like. You can even plan a home spa and give each other massages, order out for lunch, or relax; the choices are many. Hint: Add to the fun by purchasing a quirky tray to serve breakfast in bed. A home centre, hardware store, or supermarket might have one you’ll love.

Play some games.

Some couples enjoy having a scheduled games night where they have friends over. You can apply this concept to Valentine’s Day but change the types of games you play with each other to spice things up. Card games are typical, but you can also try other games like 36 Questions, Stare Off, or Dare Duel. Hint: You can up the ante by including a few treats like chocolate, a spa treatment, or a massage as prizes.

Take a bath together.

Taking a hot bath with your significant other can strengthen your bond and help you to relax mentally and physically. Essential oils or a bath bomb can help eliminate stress. Also, add aromatherapy candles, soothing music, and a glass of wine if you like. Hint: Local and online health and beauty stores should have bath bombs and essential oils. Scents like rose, sandalwood, and cedarwood have benefits to help you relax and welcome romance. Find out if your partner is allergic to particular scents before choosing an oil.

Do a scavenger hunt around the house.

Use several clues that guide your partner on a scavenger hunt around the house. Each clue (a riddle, activity, or picture) should lead to a surprise at the end. The reward can be a gift, relaxing massage, bath, or an intimate dinner. Remember to make it exciting by including items or tips related to your relationship and things you enjoy as individuals or as a couple. Hint: Create a playlist of your favourite songs and take little dance breaks during the hunt!

Staying at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day can be as exciting or low-keyed as you want. The idea is to do something memorable with each other and enjoy being together. We hope these ideas help. You can use Find Yello to locate the businesses near you. Good luck!

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