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Shape up 2017: Utilizing the Outdoors

by Yello Jan 27, 2017

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We are blessed to live in a paradise where it’s sunny and warm almost year round; places people only dream of visiting from icy corners of the world.

It’s a shame that we don’t take advantage of the natural gift of fine weather, warm waters, fresh air and ideal climates to get our sweat on. We have no excuse not to utilize our glorious and grand backyard gymnasium whenever we can.

Here are some examples of outdoor workouts and activities that you can take part in for little or no cost to you.

When deciding upon a hobby for the ideal time of mornings and/or afternoons, consider one of these:

  • Swimming – in either the ocean or pool!
  • Tennis – grab a racket, or rent one, and head out to a public court with a buddy for a sweat session.
  • Running/Walking – let’s get real, with limited rain and pretty much guaranteed good weather, there are plenty of paths to go for a run or walk with friends.
  • Stand up paddle boarding – Stand up paddle boarding or SUP has become a fun, popular activity among water sport enthusiasts. Although they can be quite pricey to rent, investing in a paddleboard may be a smart consideration long term.
  • Sailing/kayaking/rowing – They may be pricey but they are lots of fun and provide a wonderful source of exercise. Research beaches near you that offer rentals and get out there!
  • Diving/Snorkelling – If you aren’t certified, then take the opportunity to learn to dive under supervision and get certified. However, you don’t need a licence to snorkel! Put on a mask and off you go.
  • Volunteer dog walking – volunteer at your local humane society as a dog walker. Get exercise and help a non-profit organization at the same time. Puppies!
  • Beach volleyball – Get a group together and head out to a court on the beach. This is a fantastic way to keep active. Even if you don’t have a team, volleyball players often welcome outsiders to join them during a game.
  • Football – Grab a ball and go. Or if you don’t have a ball, head out to a football field and see if anyone needs an additional player. Islanders are open to outsiders and friendly.
  • Outdoor yoga – with no rain to worry about, grab a mat and head to the beach for sunset yoga. You don’t need to be a professional to practice yoga on the beach.

All of these activities are fun to do alone or participate with friends, plus they are relatively affordable ways to get fit by taking advantage of your tropical surroundings.