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Six Things to Do When Buying a Used Car

by Stephanie Koathes Mar 12, 2019

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Buying a used car can be tricky. Though there are some amazing deals out there, you have to be really careful and do your research to avoid getting a problem-riddled vehicle. Auto Channel Ltd. makes the process of purchasing a used car easier for you by taking on the groundwork to ensure you have a wide choice of affordable and quality vehicles to choose from. Here are some of the main steps you ought to take when buying a used car from a dealer.

1. Identify a reputable certified dealer

The first step to buying a used car you’ll be happy with is to identify where you can find quality vehicles. While scanning the classifieds is great, and there are some gems, there are distinct advantages to purchasing a used car from a certified dealer like Auto Channel Ltd.

These include:

• A vast inventory of SUVs, trucks, vans, and cars imported from trusted partners in Japan, Thailand, and Singapore.

• The thorough inspection of automobiles and replacement of worn parts before vehicles are put up for sale.

• Customer service support and a three-month or 5,500 km warranty on engine and transmission. Extended warranties can also be negotiated.

2. Be guided by your needs

Take some time to think about how you plan to use the vehicle and the features you want. If you’re not sure, don’t worry, the Auto Channel team is able to provide information and guidance so you can make the best choice. Auto Channel has a range of cars to fit the needs and budget of any driver, and the prices are negotiable!

3. Examine inside and outside

Now that you’ve found a used car that interests you, turn on the engine and listen carefully. Patiently, take a closer look inside and ensure you are comfortable with what you hear, see and what you feel with your hands. You will find that Auto Channel has taken the time to review, examine and test the systems. We can offer detailed descriptions on the core features, gadgets, parts, tyres, and body of the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry.

4. Bring in a mechanic

After your initial inspection, you may choose to have a mechanic you trust inspect the vehicle for any existing conditions that you may have missed or that could become an issue in the future.

5. Test drive

Request a test drive to get a sense and feel of the vehicle. Choose a test drive route that has a bit of everything, some hills, corners, etc. Drive with the radio off so you can observe all the sounds. Check for blind spots, acceleration and cornering, how the steering feels, the responsiveness of the breaks, and how comfortable you feel reaching all the controls.

6. Think about financing
The financing options available depend on the age of the car. Most banks offer 100% financing for used vehicles that are five years or less. When you’re investigating loans, you can use Auto Channel’s handy loan calculator feature to help you work out what your monthly payments will be.

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