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Six Tips on How to Get a Good Workout at Home

by Stephanie Koathes Apr 6, 2020

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If you’re used to heading to the gym as part of your routine, it can be challenging when you can’t go.

Exercising from home means making some changes to how you get your sweat on, but it’s possible to get a good workout in without leaving the house.

Yello caught up with Michael Shaw, fitness and active lifestyle coach and owner of MT Fitness876 for some tips on how to get a great workout in at home.

1. Choose the right time for training

Select and commit to the best possible time of the day (morning or evening) that you can consistently get in your workout session. Consistency is key.

2. Have little to no distractions

Your workout won’t be effective if you’re unable to concentrate on getting through your exercise routine. Create an environment that will limit distractions as much as possible and facilitate intense focus on your workout.

3. Plan your workout

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Planning your home workout is important as it serves as a guideline to track the progression of your training. Even when you’re exercising at home, you need some accountability.

4. Set a fitness goal

Your fitness goal will determine the types of exercises you do. For example, if your goal is to lose weight or to increase your cardiovascular strength, your routines must incorporate exercises that work your entire body.

5. Turn household items into workout equipment

You’ll be surprised at how many household items can be effective in ramping up your home workouts.

– Paper plates or small towels can be used instead of sliders to increase the difficulty of moves like lunges.

– If you don’t have dumbells, grab two gallon bottles of water; one gallon bottle weighs about 8lbs.

– You can use couch cushions in place of balance equipment like a Bosu ball.

– Fill a backpack with some heavy books or cans, and you’ve got a weighted vest to add weight to exercises like squats.

– A simple broomstick can become a barbell. Add a gallon bottle of water to each end for weight. You can also use a broomstick in your warm-up to stretch or for working your obliques with torso twists.

6. Push yourself

A simple as it sounds, but don’t take this lightly; it’s quite easily the most important advice you could receive. Your exercise routine should really challenge you. Never back down from this challenge. You cannot afford to offer any excuses when it comes to being a stronger, fitter, better version of yourself. You are required to give maximum effort for the best results.

We hope these tips will help get you up off the couch and get you exercising effectively at home.

You can find Michael on Instagram @mikeytyfitness and @mtfitness876 for workout inspiration and online training.

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