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Study: Yelp Presence Boosts Bar & Restaurant Revenue

by Article Contributed Mar 27, 2023

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Study: Yelp Presence Boosts Bar & Restaurant Revenue

Does presence on Yelp help or hurt SMBs’ customer acquisition and operational success? A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research answers this question in the affirmative. Specifically, it found that establishing a Yelp presence leads to SMB revenue boosts of 5-10% percent.

The study, led by scholars from Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Lehigh University, examined restaurants and bars in Texas. Its methodology was to determine causal effects by cross-referencing public-record tax filings for these businesses with corresponding and time-relevant data on their Yelp presence.

For example, the researchers factored in the timing of when businesses were added on Yelp and if there was any subsequent revenue delta. Though this is technically correlation, not causation, additional confidence was gained by comparing independent variables like other nearby bars and restaurants.

This article was originally published on Localogy—article by Mike Boland.

To read more about this Yelp study findings, visit the Localogy website:


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