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Taste the Tropics this Holiday: Try Our Quick and Easy Ginger Beer Recipe

by Lou-Ann Jordan Dec 5, 2022

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Ginger Ale – Homemade lemon and ginger organic soda drink, copy space.

The Christmas holidays are a special time in the Caribbean. Generally known for our light-hearted friendliness, there is an added warmth giving the season a distinct ‘feeling’.

Many things contribute to creating our sense of ‘Christmas’. It’s our radio stations blasting local Christmas songs as well as traditional carols. It’s the warm “happy holidays” or “seasons’ greetings” calls offered to passers-by, be they, friends or strangers. It’s the businesses’ colourful, seasonal displays. It’s food shopping in busy supermarkets and the anticipation of tasty delicacies and refreshing drinks.

As we’re now in December, with the holidays fast approaching, we want to help you get ready for the festivities. This year you can enjoy it in true Caribbean style. Over the next few weeks, we’ll feature five of the region’s popular Christmas drinks with a recipe.  

If you’re here in the Caribbean, you can begin preparing early for your guests by giving our seasonal drinks a try. If you’re not, but wishing you were here, here’s an opportunity to get a taste of the tropics.  

We’ll begin with the ever-popular non-alcoholic, ginger beer. We all know Christmas would not be the same without this fiery drink.   

Ginger beer recipe

Three quarts of hot water

¼ lb ginger root (fresh ginger gives a better flavour than dried ginger)

½ lb sugar


Wash, remove the skin and grate the root.  Place grated ginger into an earthen or glass jar.  Stir in half the water and add 1/2 lb sugar. Leave for 36 hours. 

Strain, add remaining water and sweeten to taste.  Cover and allow to ‘ripe’ and settle for 24 hours.  Pour into bottles.  Chill and serve.


To shop for ingredients, check your Find Yello supermarket and grocery listings.

We know many of you may have your recipe, but why not give ours a try? Also, do feel free to share your recipe with us, we would love to hear from you.

Do look out for our next recipe. We’ll look at the much-loved sorrel drink.