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These Seven Things Could Make Mom Feel Extra Special This Mother’s Day

by Carolyn Lee May 1, 2023

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Seven Things You Can Do to Make Mom Feel Extra Special This Mother’s Day

It doesn’t matter how old we become; we will always try to find meaningful ways to celebrate our mothers on her special day. If you are looking for a few ideas on what you can do, we’ve curated some tips that might help make this Mother’s Day extra special.

Mother’s Day Ideas Worth Trying

Dinner at a new restaurant she’d like to try: You already know the meals that will delight your mother. Also, you might have heard her mention her favourite restaurant or one she would like to try. Surprise her with reservations to a new restaurant or one she enjoys dining at. Try to get her the best seat or one where she can relax while enjoying her special Mother’s Day dinner.

Hire a professional to do her make-up or hair: Mom deserves to look fabulous, and one way to pamper her is to hire a professional to do her make-up or hair. Make sure you have the camera ready to document her transition. You can surprise her with a framed image of one of the stunning shots you get from her make-up or hair session.

Try a Mother’s Day picnic: Pack a picnic basket with some of your mom’s favourite foods and head out to the park or backyard for a picnic. You can bring old photo albums, cards, or games you enjoyed with her as a child. The idea is to ensure she has a great time in nature, doing things she wants while being showered with attention and love.

Breakfast in bed: We all love being pampered, and being served breakfast in bed just does that. Let your mother wake up to a delicious breakfast tray beautifully decorated with flowers she likes and a meal that will delight her taste buds. You can enhance the mood with instrumental jazz or music that helps her ease into the day like the queen she is.

Seven Things You Can Do to Make Mom Feel Extra Special This Mother’s Day

Give her a spa day: One way to spoil your mother on Mother’s Day is to treat her to a spa day. Some spa treatments help reduce pain and stress and improve circulation and sleep. From massages to pedicures, facials to body wraps, a day at the spa will leave your mom feeling and looking great. You can select services you know she will like (manicure, pedicure, facials, etc.) if she has little time for a full spa day.

Get her some fitness items: Pay for one month’s gym membership or take her shopping to get gym wear, workout mats, and weights if she enjoys going to the gym or working out. You can take things up a notch by paying for a personal trainer also to guide her in training. Also, joining her for a workout session will allow you to spend quality time getting fit together.

You can help her to check something off her bucket list: Ask your mother about some of the things on her bucket list and help her check one or more of those items off for Mother’s Day. Her bucket list might include personal time or activities with her children, horseback riding or ziplining. Paying attention to her bucket list will ensure she gets something she loves or does what she wants on her special day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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