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Travel Tips: How to Survive Travelling with a Toddler

by Stephanie Koathes Nov 11, 2019

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Travelling is great. You get to experience different sights, foods and cultures. Travelling does come with its own stresses and these can be magnified if you have small children with you. These tips can help make travelling with a toddler or a baby a little easier.

1. Make sure your little one is dressed as comfortably as possible in roomy layers that are easy to take on and off. An uncomfortable child is bound to be fussy.

2. Bring a travel pillow and a blanket to help your child feel cosy and snuggle up happily in their seat.

3. Load your phone or tablet with toddler-friendly apps and games to keep your little one thoroughly occupied at the airport or on the plane.

4. Make sure to keep a spare set of clothes (or two!) in your carry-on or your child’s travel bag. Toddlers are always somehow able to find creative ways to destroy clothing.

5. Baby food and formula are exempt from the 100ml liquids rule when going through security. However, these items will go through a separate screening. Prepare for this by putting all your child’s food and liquids in a single, large plastic bag. Have this at the top of your bag where it’s easy to access.

6. Always pack lots of wet wipes. That way you’re covered in the event of delays or a plane that takes forever on the runway. You can handle clean-up for any accident or unexpected illness with all those wet wipes. Also, keep extra diapers or pull-ups handy.

7. Travel with lots of healthy snacks. These will keep toddlers occupied during flights and long waits and make sure that they don’t get cranky from hunger between meals.

8. Bring a sippy cup or bottle for your little one to suck on to help relieve the pressure during take-off and landing.

9. Carry a favourite soft toy that you can give your child on the plane. Always keep a backup in case the toy gets lost to avoid upset.

10. Wrap up some small, soft toys and keep them in your bag for when your toddler starts to get sleepy or fussy. A toddler will likely concentrate on whatever is hidden in the package and trying to open it. This will give them something new and interesting to do.

Happy flying!

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