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Treat Someone You Love to One Of These Six Gift Ideas That Encourage Self-Care

by Carolyn Lee Dec 7, 2020

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Six Gift Ideas That Encourage Self-Care

“The greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but in love.” – anonymous. 

Christmas has always been celebrated as a time of giving, and this year is no different. 

Many of us are already excitedly thinking about Christmas décor, budgeting and creating our gift lists. 

Tangible gifts can delight and are usually very handy. However, we are thinking about adding a few other gifts that will warm the heart and soothe the body. 

It’s been an incredible year, riddled with stressful moments; so, this holiday, why not give a gift that encourages self-care

We’ve got a few suggestions that we think you can add to your gift list this holiday. 

MassageA massage is one of the self-care activities that many people overlook. From managing stress to helping with insomnia, the benefits of getting a massage are many. There are also different types of massages to choose from. What’s great is that finding a spa is right at your fingertips! 

Facial: Facials are often only viewed as a type of beauty treatment. However, some of the benefits of a facial include relieving stress, promoting circulation and reducing congestion(nasal/sinus). There are several types of facials to choose from, and the process is usually relaxing. Also, who doesn’t like healthy looking skin? 

Spa day: If you’re thinking of going all out with your gift, a spa day is a great choice. Popular spa treatments include facials, massage, manicure, pedicure and body treatments. You also have the option of combining treatments, such as a massage and facial. If you’re really in the mood to splurge, you can join the recipient as well! 

Six Gift Ideas That Encourage Self-Care - Brunch

Brunch: When one thinks of brunch, good food, a lovely ambience, great company and fun conversations are a few things that come to mind. This is a social self-care activity that many of us could use. It’s also the kind of gift that can allow the giver to be a part of the moment! 

Yoga or dance classes: Yoga has many physical and psychological benefits. It helps with flexibility, muscle strength, awareness and mindfulnessDancing is a form of self-expression that can improve fitness, strength and endurance. This gift is also one that the giver and receiver may be able to enjoy together. Is there someone on your list that either of these gifts would be perfect for? 

Dinner: Many of us have been cooking at home, so gifting someone with the opportunity to eat out at a fancy restaurant will score you major points. Your dinner treat can be at their favourite restaurant or a new one that they’ve wanted to try. What’s also great is that some restaurants offer gift cards, making it easy for the recipient to choose when they want to dine out! 

A gift that encourages self-care is one way to remind the people you love to take care of themselves. You can access many of the items on this list by purchasing a gift card. One cool thing about using gift cards is that many of them have advantages that you’ll like! 

The best part is that many of these services are provided by local businesses! Remember, it’s easy to find businesses that are near you on Find Yello. Let’s support the local businesses that have been here for us!

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