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Try These Six Easy How-to Steps to Start Your Garden Today!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Apr 17, 2023

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Findyello article with six tips to start a garden showing image of beautiful flowers in a box and a trowel to plant.

What makes a home beautiful? A stunning interior décor that reflects the warmth and care of its inhabitants? But what of the exterior? We’ll say, a breathtakingly beautiful garden featuring a glorious array of local flowers and plants is equally essential.

For many, having a garden is a must, as it offers a space to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day. When artfully designed, it’s an excellent spot for hosting outdoor gatherings. Also, it can be a safe space for the kids to enjoy as they frolic across landscaped grounds.

Your question that you’re likely to be pondering is, “How do I create such a garden?” Well, it’s not as daunting a task as it may seem; you only need a few basic gardening tools and techniques. You can hire an expert who will work with you to design the perfect garden. However, if you enjoy DIY projects and would like to tackle this on your own, we’ve got some tips to guide you on how to create your garden.

Findyello article with six tips to start a garden showing image of beautiful backyard garden with flowers.

Six easy tips on how to start a garden

Choose a back or front garden. Decide on the location that will be used for the garden. Of course, many homes have both a back and front garden, but as you’re new to this, why not begin with one area? Once you’ve completed it and gained experience, you can move on to the other area, making more informed decisions.

Measure your spot. Get accurate measurements, don’t use ‘guesstimates’. Check the length and width of the area you’ll use to know what will fit. Also, use the measurements to guide your purchases, mainly the quantity of material.    

Consider your topography. Think about your local terrain. How exposed to water and sunlight is the spot selected for your garden? Locally, although we only have two seasons, some areas are more prone to rainfall than others. Based on where you’ll be planting, you’ll also need to consider whether water runs off easily or if the soil becomes waterlogged because the latter is not the best condition for gardening.

Know what you want to grow. Choosing what you want to grow should be a fun exercise. Begin by researching the various flowers and plants that are accessible. Also, pay attention to which plants are resilient and which require a lot of attention. An additional factor to consider is odour. Plants and flowers emit different fragrances. Select the ones that you think are appealing. Ask your local plant or gardening shop attendant for assistance.

Plan with the future in mind. As you’re mapping your garden and planning which plants you would like to see there, think about their growth process and your space. Some plants spread rapidly over an area, while others shoot up. Be sure to research the growing distance of the plants you’ve selected.

Purchase your gardening tools and supplies. You’ll need several basic supplies, and your local gardening supply store can help. To start your list, add potting soil, gloves, a hand trowel, a spade, a garden fork, a rake, and a hoe. As time goes on, you’ll likely need to extend this list.

These are a few basic steps to begin your gardening journey. As you continue, undoubtedly, you’ll explore, and your garden will benefit from your discovery.   

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