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Want Better Results in the Gym? Find Out Your Body Type

by Stephanie Koathes Jan 21, 2019

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There are three main categories of body type: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.

Remember that most people don’t fit 100% into any one category; we all tend to have a mixture of traits. However, identifying your dominant body type can be a big help in your fitness journey.


This body type is naturally thin, with small bones and fast metabolisms and has a hard time gaining muscle or fat. Just because this body type is lean doesn’t mean they can’t have high body fat. They can be “skinny fat,” which means they’re overall body weight is low, but they have a high percentage of body fat.  If you struggle to build muscle and gain weight, then you’re an ectomorph.


People with this body type should focus on power moves and resistance training to build muscle. Workouts should include compound exercises that hit large muscle groups such as squats, and cardio should be kept to a minimum.

Ectomorphs can eat a diet higher in calories than other body types. A diet higher in complex carbs, with moderate protein and lower in fats, is an excellent way to go for ectomorphs.


People with the endomorph body type will find that they gain fat easily and have a hard time losing it. Endomorphs tend to have larger bone structure and are often pear-shaped meaning they carry their weight in their hips, thighs and lower abdomen.

Endomorphs are more sensitive to the calories consumed than other body types and tend to store fat easily.  If you gain weight easily and have trouble taking it off, you’re likely an endomorph. This is the most challenging body type in fitness and weight management. But it’s certainly not impossible to be a fit endomorph!

Endomorphs need to have a workout plan with the right amount of cardio to help burn fat. When strength training they should pay attention to working large muscle groups such as legs and back.

People with this body type need to watch their diet. Consume good quality fats and protein, but limit carbohydrate intake and certainly steer clear of processed carbs.


If you’re a mesomorph, say a quick thank you to your genes. They have a naturally athletic body that builds muscle easily. A mesomorph can develop well-defined muscle without expending too much effort.

This body type gains fat more easily than ectomorphs but doesn’t gain or store as much as endomorphs. Mesomorphs tend to have broad shoulders and narrow waists. If it seems as though you just have to look at a weight to gain muscle, then you’re a mesomorph.

Mesomorphs should workout like athletes. Interval training and plyometric moves like box jumps will peel away fat and show off those muscles you build so easily!

When it comes to diet mesomorphs will do well with just about any healthy foods they choose to eat. Aim for a mix of good fats, lean protein and a moderate amount of carbs, around 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

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