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What You Should Know Before Visiting Anguilla

by Carolyn Lee Mar 6, 2023

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What You Should Know Before Visiting Anguilla

Anguilla is a paradise filled with hidden gems that first-time and returning visitors can explore and enjoy. This island paradise is a popular tourist destination for investors, wealthy celebrities, and the adventurous. There are stunning attractions, events, and many opportunities to relax and explore. We’ve got a few things you should know before heading to Anguilla.

When is the best time for visit Anguilla?

Anguilla is a small British overseas territory boasting approximately thirty-three gorgeous white sand beaches, delicious cuisine, and vibrant people. Despite having a high cost of living, access to luxury is commonplace. There are also a lot of budget-friendly accommodations available. Although Anguilla welcomes visitors throughout the year, the busiest month is February. Several hotels close during September, and some remain closed for a short time in October.

What makes Anguilla a tax haven for investors?

Anguilla is a new member of the group of countries offering citizenship by investment, making it potentially attractive for high-net-worth investors. There is no direct taxation, including income tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, net worth tax, corporate tax, or capital gains tax. There are procedures in place for people who want to take advantage of the citizenship-by-investment offer.

What about mobility?

There is also one traffic light on the island, with motorists driving on the left side of the road. Since Anguilla is relatively small, road trips and beach adventures are easy. Try renting a vehicle if you plan to get around on your own. Most nature lovers can head to the Heritage Trail to view historical buildings and refreshing stops.

Anguillan cuisine you’ll probably want to try.

Caribbean Cuisine: Six Popular Anguilla’s Dishes You Should Try - spiny lobster

Anguillan food is delicious, and if you are a food enthusiast, you will love the flavourful dishes served at various restaurants. Anguilla’s national dish is pigeon peas with rice, typically served with meat. Seafood is quite popular, and most locals recommend crayfish dishes. Crayfish and lobster dishes are at many of the restaurants in Anguilla. Goat meat is also a favourite for many Anguillans. There are many free-range chickens and goats on the island.

Boat racing activities.

Anguilla’s beautiful beaches are ideal seasonal water sports activities. The island’s national sport is boat racing, an exciting time for Anguillans and tourists. Boat racing typically happens during May and August. It is not unusual for fans to follow the races in their cars or via motorboats.

Tourist attractions in Anguilla.

The East End Pond: This is Anguilla’s only protected salt pond and an eco-friendly site for birdwatching. Egrets, waterfowls, herons, and a variety of shorebirds and waterfowls are some of the birds that frequent the East End Pond.

The Fountain Cavern National Park: The park is a protected area in Anguilla and covers 14.5 acres, including petroglyph rock artworks and limestone terraces created by the Tainos around 300 AD.

The Big Spring Heritage site: This attraction features over 100 petroglyphs dating back to 600-1200 AD. The petroglyphs have images representing the births and deaths of the early Amerindians who lived there.

The Stoney Ground Marine Park: Tourists can take a guided scuba diving tour to Anguilla’s first underwater heritage site. The scuba tour includes exploring and watching a short film on the history of the 18th-century Spanish shipwreck of El Buen Consejo. You can also view the massive cannons and other artefacts around the ship’s exterior.

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