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Where to go: Romantic Spots Around Jamaica

by Stephanie Koathes Feb 3, 2020

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Jamaica is full of wonderful places for couples to enjoy, from stunning cliffs to candlelit caves. In honour of Valentine’s Day and those couples looking for romance, we’ve rounded up some of Jamaica’s most romantic spots.

For beach and water lovers

Negril’s Seven-Mile Beach

The ultimate beach lovers’ destination. While the beach attracts large amounts of visitors, both tourists and locals, it’s big enough for couples to find a cosy spot for themselves.

Strawberry Fields Together

Photo credit: Strawberry Fields Together Facebook

This private beach in Robin’s Bay, St Mary, is pretty as a picture. While it’s not the best for swimming, the cove is quite rocky, and the water can be a bit rough, it’s still a beautiful spot for romance. You can pay to enter for a day and buy pizzas fresh from the oven or spend a night in one of their cabins.

Frenchman’s Cove

One of the most famous beaches in Portland, Frenchman’s Cove with its lazy briny river and white sand beach is well-known for a reason. Cosy up in a cabin or enjoy the lovely scenery together for a romantic escape. The beach can be crowded, and if you’d prefer a quieter space San San Beach up the road is a good option for couples.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring, Westmoreland

Photo credit: Blue Hole Mineral Spring Jamaica Facebook

At the bottom of a large, deep limestone hole in Westmoreland is a bright blue naturally occurring spring – Blue Hole Mineral Spring. This is an off-the-beaten-path destination, but swimming together in the mineral-rich water is an enchanting activity. If you’re willing to jump or climb in!

Martha Brae or Rio Cobre

How many of us living here have gone rafting on the Martha Brae or Rio Cobre? This activity isn’t just for visitors to the island. Meandering peacefully down one of these rivers, surrounded by lush foliage and the sounds of birds, is a romantic way to pass the time together.

Spanish Bridge

The Old Spanish Bridge in the White River Valley stretching across the vivid blue waters of the river is a remnant of Spanish colonial times. It’s a lovely place to visit with your significant other, jumping from the bridge or lazing about in its shadow.

Dramatic views

Lover’s Leap

This stunning 1,700-foot high cliff in St Elizabeth has a tragic story. According to legend, two young slaves in love jumped to their deaths here. The story says that the slave-owner wanted the woman for himself intended to sell her lover. Not wanting to be separated, the two lovers jumped hand-in-hand from the cliff. The tale is far more tragic than romantic, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of this location.

West End Cliffs

Beautiful, striking, and romantic: that sums up the sunsets seen from the West End cliffs in Westmoreland. While Rick’s Café is usually crowded, there’s no shortage of spots to soak up the wonderful scenery. Wherever you go on this part of the island, you’ll feel the romance in the air as the sun slides towards the horizon.

West End Caves

The amazing cliffs of the West End are permeated with caves. There are places such as Xtabi on the Cliffs where you can enter the caves and enjoy the sounds and sights of the waves crashing on the rocks. Just you, your partner, the rocky walls and the sounds of the sea – it’s unique and full of romance.

Restaurants and Places to Stay

The Caves Hotel

Photo credit: thecaveshotel.com

Speaking of those beautiful West End caves, you can take the romance up a notch at The Caves Hotel in Negril. Here you can book a private five-course dinner for two in one of their private cave dining options. The cave is lit by dozens of candles, and you’ll have a VIP seat by the sea. It’s a splurge, but a romantic dinner like that would be a priceless memory.  


Photo credit: EITS Cafe Facebook

EITS Café, up in the Blue Mountains, is a charming, rustic farm-to-table dinner spot. Head here in the evening and watch the sun sink behind the hills and the peenie-wallies twinkling in the gathering dark. How’s that for romantic?

Bloom Café

Bloom Café is a rustic bamboo shack on the road up to Irish Town in the Blue Mountains. You can purchase vegan food and juices from this little spot though food isn’t served every day. What’s attractive about this location is the view. Stand on one of the bamboo platforms in the cool mountain air and look out over the valley, the city, and out to sea. Sunset is particularly beautiful here.

Blue Ridge Restaurant and Cottages

Photo credit: blueridgeja.com

Located on a privately-owned farm tucked away in the Blue Mountains is Blue Ridge Restaurant and Cottages. You can stay in one of two private cottages looking out into the majestic mountains and dine at the restaurant while enjoying the view. Thee’s nothing quite as romantic as snuggling together in the chilly mountain air.

The Rockhouse

Photo credit: therockhouse.com

Whether dining or enjoying a luxury getaway, the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril will offer you romance in spades. The Rockhouse Restaurant sits against the famous West End volcanic cliffs, just above the clear waters of the hotel’s ‘Pristine Cove’. One of the most renowned restaurants in the island, the quality of the food and the ambience make for an extra special romantic date. If you’re staying here, well beautiful views and cosy places are around every corner.

Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill Hotel in Irish Town screams romance. The cool mountain air, views of Kingston by the infinity pool or overlooking a deep misty valley and it’s almost gingerbread-like cottages make Strawberry Hill enchanting. Whether you’re going to dine or you’ve splurged on a staycation in one of their villas, you’re sure to feel like cuddling up to your partner.

Longboarder Bar and Grill

This surfer’s bar and grill in St Thomas is an unusual choice for a list of romantic spots around Jamaica. However, at night under the string light strewn trees, a bonfire roaring by the beach and waves crashing unseen in the dark, it’s hard not to feel the romance.

Mountain places

Holywell National Park

Here you’ll find lovely views of the city and out to sea, picnic areas, cooking spots and lots of interesting flora and fauna along the different scenic trails. Just grab a picnic blanket, some food and maybe a sweater, and take in the beauty with your significant other. You can also rent one of their very rustic and affordable cabins for an overnight stay, or you can camp under the twinkling stars.

The Blue Mountains

Taking in the unobstructed starlight at any cabin or holiday rental up in the Blue and John Crow Mountains range is guaranteed to be romantic. Imagine waking up to see the sunrise peeking through the mountain fog – it doesn’t get more romantic than that! From expensive locations like Strawberry Hill to small rental cabins and even a hostel without electricity, there are options aplenty for romance seekers.

These are just a few of the many romantic spots around Jamaica. What places would you add?