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Yello Interviews ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer Clayton Greenidge on Training to Become a Bodybuilder

by Carolyn Lee Nov 20, 2023

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Yello Interviews ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer Clayton Greenidge on Training to Become a Bodybuilder
Fitness Coach and Bodybuilder Clayton Greenidge (centre) strikes a pose alongside runner-ups at the 2022 Mr Belize Bodybuilding Championship. Photo credit: Chester Wade from Full Memory Photography.

Clayton Greenidge, a personal trainer, was the reigning Mr Belize for several years. He promotes fitness and is a skilled bodybuilder who proudly represents Belize in Central America and the Caribbean. He is also certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) as a training and fitness coach and has a background in broadcasting and singing.

Clayton is passionate about bodybuilding and uses his talents to train and coach others successfully. With over 37 years in his industry, his roster of clients includes athletes, bodybuilding aspirants, and other fitness enthusiasts. Yello caught up with Clayton, who shared his professional journey and tips for people interested in training to accomplish bodybuilding and other fitness goals.

Mr Greenidge, please tell us how you started your industry.

Although I am a Belizean citizen, I am originally from Grenada, the Spice Isle of the Caribbean. My bodybuilding inspiration came from Mr Marcus Jeffrey, originally from Grenada. He was the first mentor to introduce me to the sport of bodybuilding.

I started bodybuilding in 1986 and became a fitness instructor and personal trainer in 1995. I was also inspired to do bodybuilding by Mr Tom Platz, a successful bodybuilder, a former Mr Universe, and a top contender at the Mr Olympia Championship. 

When did you join the International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding (IFBB Elite PRO)?

I became a member of the IFBB in 1990 when I competed in the Mr Grenada’s National Bodybuilding Competition. Mr Grenada was my first competition, and I placed third in the welterweight category (up to 165 lbs).

In 1995, I competed and placed second in the welterweight category (up to 176 lbs) of the Easter Caribbean Bodybuilding Championship. Then, in 1997, I competed in the Central America and Caribbean Championship (CAC), ranking 10th in the welterweight category. I returned to the stage in 2013 to compete in the Mr Belize Championship. I came first in the middleweight and master (40 years and over) categories and placed second overall. 

Please tell us about the Mr Belize Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship and your training.

Yello Interviews ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer Clayton Greenidge on Training to Become a Bodybuilder
Mr Belize 2022, Fitness Coach and Bodybuilder Clayton Greenidge poses with his trophies during the 2022 Belize Bodybuilding Championship. Photo credit: Chester Wade from Full Memory Photography.

Mr Belize is the ultimate national bodybuilding competition. The event serves as a qualifier to represent Belize on the international stage at the IFBB Championships. I’ve held the Mr Belize title for four years (2017, 2018, 2019, and 2022). There were no competitions in Belize due to COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 and 2021.

My training has always been intense, as I’m laser-focused on achieving the best version of my body. Over the years, I adjusted my training routine by lifting light to moderate weights and increasing the volume. I discovered that I no longer need to lift hefty weights to achieve the sculpted physique that I present on the local and international stage.

How do you balance training and your personal life?

I never allow my weight to go 15 to 20 lbs. above my competition weight, and I exercise six days a week for two hours. My diet consists of whole grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, eggs, and beef. I take multivitamins and drink one gallon of water per day. Getting adequate rest is crucial. So, I get approximately eight hours of sleep at night. I also take a power nap during the day.

I focus on staying healthy and performing optimally, which involves doing my annual checkup. I practice meditation and fast intermittently. Being with my family is essential, so I take vacations with them. I also listen to motivational speeches, reggae, soca, calypso, R&B, and disco daily. Actively practising gratitude every day has transformed my life. I give thanks to God every morning.

You train others to achieve their fitness goals. Please share some of your accomplishments.

My philosophy is “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” I have coached athletes in various disciplines to achieve their goal: winning their competition. I’ve helped athletes win the Strong Man Competition, which focuses on strength and endurance. I have also trained women to win the titles of Miss Bikini Fitness and Miss Body Fitness. I have worked with Men’s Physique and Bodybuilding in the male category.

I take pride in training these athletes. My most recent accomplishment was successfully training Mr Alford Godfrey to win the coveted Mr Belize 2023 title. The local association is in the amateur league. I want the people I train to achieve their highest competitive potential and represent Belize in the international bodybuilding championship at the highest amateur level.

What should interested people know about training to become a bodybuilder?

Proper technique, intensity, discipline, developing core strength and flexibility are crucial when training to become a bodybuilder. There are competitions that you enter internationally to become a bodybuilder. You can qualify by either winning the overall or by merit.

I achieved professional status in the IFBB Elite Pro league in 2021 after winning my two categories at the IFBB Central America and Caribbean Championship. Before acquiring this status, I successfully represented Belize and received first place in my categories (middleweight and masters). 

How can organisations or individuals contact you?

My assistant, Mirna Paul, schedules my engagements and liaises with organisations requiring my service as a motivational speaker, trainer, TV interviews and other events.


You can contact Mr Greendige by emailing [email protected] or calling 501-627-2082 or 501-673-3187. Thanks for sharing with us. We wish you continued success in your career.