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A Week of Activities – Montserrat Tourism Week 2023 Is Here!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Sep 18, 2023

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Throughout the year, several occasions stir the country; if you’re visiting, we’re sure you can’t help but feel the energy. It’s as though a shift happens, and we transition from our easy-going, Caribbean life to…we’ll we’re still easy-going but now with palpable excitement. Our tourism week is one such occasion. The island comes alive as the various industries get busy preparing creative ways to showcase the best of what they have to offer.

This September, we will once again showcase our amazing destinations, traditions, foods etc. It’s an opportunity for all to appreciate the tourism sector’s significant contributions. With a week of scheduled events from 24 to 30 September, we will join the rest of the world in celebrating World Tourism Day on 27 September 2023.

The global theme for this year’s World Tourism Day, ‘Tourism and Green Investments’, communicates the growing importance of practising eco-friendly tourism. As such, our activities preceding and following the global event will demonstrate our resolve as a country to do so.  It will be an exciting time with many activities for all to enjoy. Get ready to bask in our gloriously good weather as you head off on scenic kayak tours, hikes, snorkelling trips and more.

Here’s line up of activities for the Montserrat Tourism Week 2023

24 September 2023

  • 9am – Opening Church Service
  • 5pm –Walking Village Tour (Salem and/or St. John)
  • 6.30pm and 9pm – Movie Night

25 September 2023

  • 8.30am – Director of Tourism Feature Radio Address
  • Morning and afternoon – Radio Quiz and Radio Tidbits

26 September 2023

  • 9am – Garden Tour (Montserrat National Trust)
  • 10am – Garden Tour (Elvis’ Orchard)
  • All day – Social media Blitz
  • 5pm – Beach (Gaut) Cleanup

27 September 2023

  • 8.30am – Hon. Premier Joseph Taylor Farrell Feature Radio Address
  • 9am – Career Open Day

28 September 2023

  • Noon onwards – Restaurants Showcase Day
  • 4pm – Sports Tourism Radio Discussion

29 September 2023

  • 2pm – Island Tour
  • All day – Boat, Kayak, Snorkelling, Turtle-watching Tours
  • 4pm – Vendors Fair

30 September 2023

  • 6am – Treasure Hike
  • All day – Boat, Kayak, Snorkelling, Turtle-watching Tours
  • 6pm – Tourism Appreciation Reception

For more information on the activities, visit the Discover Montserrat website or the Montserrat Arts Council on Facebook. Also, to register for the tours, you can contact 1 664 491 4703 on WhatsApp.