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Finding the Workout Style That Suits You Best

by Yello Jul 29, 2019

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Creating consistency in your fitness routine is easier once you’ve found a workout that you genuinely enjoy.

What workout style suits your personality best? Find out below.

For the social butterfly

Those who are energised by the company of others will likely enjoy group workouts. If you’re outgoing and like excitement, try an aerobics class, team sport, or a group running club. Two-on-two volleyball, Zumba, CrossFit™, or your local football league could all be great for you.

For the introvert

Introverts prefer their own company. If a social atmosphere is uncomfortable for you, your best fit for exercise is working out alone. Go for a solo run, do a body-weight circuit at home, or put in your earphones to avoid conversation when working out in public.

For the adventurer

If you like exploring, a workout in the great outdoors will suit you best. Go for a long hike, swim in the ocean, surf, rock-climb, or cycle through beautiful landscapes.

For the one who lacks motivation

If you have a hard time pushing yourself in the gym, or just don’t know how to use the machines, sign up for personal training sessions. A trainer can help to motivate you when you’re struggling and teach you proper form.

For the one dealing with stress

Since exercise promotes positive endorphins, most workouts can provide some relief for stressed out folks. But if you have a lot of pent-up frustrations, a boxing class might be the trick. If you just need some relaxation time, yoga or a long evening walk could be for you.

For the high achiever

If you love setting and achieving goals, the best workout for you is one with a specific endgame. Sign up for a half or full marathon, and train consistently towards your goal time. If running isn’t your cup of tea, you can also set weight-lifting goals or a number of reps you’d like to achieve for any given exercise.

No matter your personality, there’s a workout for you. When you find what suits you, consistent exercise won’t feel like a chore anymore.

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