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Five Dangerous Cleaning Solutions You Should Never Attempt!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 20, 2023

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Baking soda, lemon, vinegar and a brush on a white background.

You can say we’re living in the DIY age. We make and do practically anything ourselves.

When it comes to homes, many people are no longer deterred from attempting little fixes for repairs, maintenance, or cleaning. With growing conscientiousness about the environment and personal health, concern about the harmful side effects of some chemicals has led to more people concocting their own cleaning products.  

Of course, with platforms like Google and YouTube, one can find and learn how to create a significant number of cleaning solutions that are preferable to store brands. Yet, when doing so, it’s important to remember that certain substances, when mixed, are potent and can be dangerous. Additionally, blending different cleaning products or combining them with home remedies is equally hazardous.

Undoubtedly, some chemicals or products are better than others at removing dirt, but they can be unsafe when mixed with others. Here we talk about five mixtures that will knock you off your feet. So, it’s best to avoid blending them. 

Here are five DIY cleaning combos we suggest you avoid when cleaning:

Bleach and Ammonia

These two chemicals should not be mixed. Shortness of breath and chest pains are possible side effects. When combined, bleach and ammonia create a toxic gas called chloramine. Ammonia can be found in many window and glass cleaners, please be careful not to mix those with bleach.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

For our chemistry enthusiasts, combining vinegar with baking soda causes the latter to foam. This occurs because baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, a basic compound. However, vinegar contains acetic acid. Baking soda and vinegar are great cleaning agents on their own, but mixing the two can be explosive, and we mean that literally.

Hydrogen peroxide and Vinegar

Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are popular ingredients in many DIY cleaning products. While they are great when used separately, they should not be mixed in the same container. Combining the two results in an acid that irritates the eyes, skin, and nose. It also corrodes surfaces. We are not saying do not use them; however, we caution you to practice safety by using them separately.

Bleach and Vinegar

This combination does make a good disinfectant but you run the risk of causing harm to your eyes or lungs through chemical burn. When combined these two release toxic chlorine vapours.

Rubbing Alcohol and Bleach

We have one word for you—chloroform. Mixing rubbing alcohol and bleach will knock you off your feet or at the very least cause irritation, nausea, or dizziness. The combination is toxic. A word of advice do not mix bleach with anything other than water.


The choice of using DIY cleaning supplies is excellent because you are fully aware of what’s being used. However, you must practice caution when deciding which chemicals to mix so that you stay safe, and in good health, while you clean.

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