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Get All the Info and Celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day Festival

by Lou-Ann Jordan Mar 6, 2023

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For many people around the globe, March is a month eagerly anticipated. Internationally, it heralds the arrival of spring. Regionally, our poui, flamboyant, and bougainvillaea are in full bloom, brightening our landscapes. In addition to the aesthetic value, March signals the beginning of several regattas throughout the Caribbean.

Here in Montserrat, we begin a celebration that is unique to our Caribbean island, the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. We embark on a time of sweet revelry that features local literary and creative talent. This year’s festivities promise to be spectacular, with a calendar so chock full of events that it will require fortitude for even the most committed to get through all of it. But, as we know, that’s what makes it exciting.

So, get ready to launch into the array of events taking place from 10 to 19 March 2023. The now customary mix of in-person and virtual activities continues to add a fun and convenient element to the festival, making it more accessible to Montserratians in the diaspora. With displays of incredible creativity and talent, lively music and tasty local cuisine, there’s something for the whole family.

Here’s a line-up of the schedule of events provided by the Montserrat Arts Council.

Day 1 Friday 10 March

  • Silk Cotton Theatre’s Sayings (Opening Night Gala), Cultural Centre
  • Big People Party, Good Life

Day 2 Saturday 11 March

  • Scriber’s Nature Hike
  • Zi’s Rainbow Brunch & Fete for Children, Little Bay Playing Field
  • M.A.P.S Golf Tournament, Collins Park, Old Towne
  • The Evolution of The Montserrat National Dress: 20 Years on, National Museum
  • Lighting of The Flame, Cudjoe Head (Virtual)
  • Silk Cotton Theatre’s Sayings (Night 2), Cultural Centre
  • St. Patrick’s Dinner, Vue Pointe Hotel
  • Sneakers & Jersey Edition, Good Life

Day 3 Sunday 12 March

  • National Church Service, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Look Out
  • Cricket for Charity, Salem Park
  • Afro Madras Fashion Show, Moose’s Place
  • Shenanigans, Gary Moore Bar, Salem

Day 4 Monday 13 March

  • Cultural Sphere with Matrixx Dancers, Cultural Centre
  • Neon Fete, Good Life

Day 5 Tuesday 14 March

  • Blockorama & Big Luncheon, St. Johns
  • DHP 3×3 Basketball Tournament, Multipurpose Sports Complex, Little Bay
  • St. Patrick’s Lecture Series (Virtual)
  • Peace, Love, Hope & Joy, Brades Arts & Education Centre
  • Bring U Selectah & Forward, Good Life

Day 6 Wednesday 15 March

  • All Day Fish Fry (Buss a Lyme), Little Bay
  • Jerkfest, Hilltop
  • AIM: Africa, Ireland, Montserrat (Emerald Community Singers), Brades Arts & Education Centre
  • Remedy Cooler Fete, Festival Village

Day 7 Thursday 16 March

  • National Heroes’ Day
  • Nyame Feasting on Your History, Jumbie Carna, Barzeys
  • BOOZEY BRUNCH, Cultural Centre
  • Karaoke Night, Treasure Spot Bar
  • Olde School Ball, Vue Pointe Hotel
  • Leprechaun’s Revenge, Leprechaun’s Valley

Day 8 Friday 17 March

  • Drum Jam, Salem to St. John’s
  • Leprechaun’s Dust, from Arrow’s Manshop
  • Heritage Feast & Street Parade, Salem
  • All White Affair, Cultural Centre

Day 9 Saturday 18 March

  • Marmie Sweet Tamarind Stew (An Evening of Poetry), Montserrat National Trust
  • Wahari (Play), Cultural Centre
  • Energy, Good Life

Day 10 Sunday 19 March

  • The Settlement (Car Racing & Street Jam), Cork Hill

For more information on the events and activities for the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, visit Discover Montserrat.