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How to Create an Exercise Plan You Can Stick to? Try These Practical Tips

by Lou-Ann Jordan Mar 6, 2023

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We can all agree that fitness is important. We know that regular exercise is critical if we want to preserve our health. For many, this knowledge gets us started, but soon our motivation runs low and we cannot seem to stick to our plan.

What does it take to incorporate regular physical training into our lifestyle and then, maintain our commitment? Beginning with a goal is an excellent idea, as it gives you something to work towards. It also acts as a motivation to stave off indiscipline on those days you feel less inclined. 

Once you have established your goal, you might want to devise a strategy to achieve it. Now, your goal may be one of several things. For example, you may want to lose a certain amount of weight, tone a bodily feature, increase your endurance or improve your overall health. Decide with a trainer what will work best to accomplish the goals you’re seeking. You can determine which types of exercises are best suited for what you want to achieve. 

Now to the crux of the matter, how to create an exercise plan to which you can stick. We thought it best to ask TV director/producer and health enthusiast Shannon Walcott. Shannon has been on a health journey to trim and tone his body with dedication and commitment. He has since achieved incredible results. So, we’ve asked him for practical tips on establishing a sustainable fitness plan.

Findyello article on how to create an exercise plan you can stick to with practical tips featuring image of gym clothes

Here are Shannon’s tips for how to create an exercise plan you can stick to:

Prepare yourself mentally. It helps to begin with a clear mind. Have clarity about why you are engaging in the plan and the outcomes you desire.

Practice self-care.  Begin with a mindset of practising self-care because sometimes you can become bogged down with life, spouse, children, work etc. that you forget yourself.  View exercising as taking time to care for yourself. This mindset will help you view it positively.

Invest in gym clothes. Get some new digs. It will help build excitement and ensure you’re appropriately attired. Your clothes and shoes should give you appropriate support for the exercises you will be doing. 

Get workout music. Create a playlist with music that gets you motivated and inspired. Also, the process of making the playlist is fun and will help build enthusiasm. 

Keep a record. Track your progress. Harvard Health Publishing suggests getting a daily planner or a chart you can post on your refrigerator on which you chart your progress. It will help you to see, believe, and encourage yourself, especially when you feel demotivated.

Mix it up. Try different things so that your plan isn’t staid. You can alternate between using machines and weights or swimming, skipping, running etc. For example, if you are strength training, WebMD advises you can substitute machines for free weights.

Watch what you eat. Depending on the goal you’re attempting to achieve, dieting may be a factor. If you plan to lose weight, you will need to review and possibly revise what you eat. Ultimately, it is good practice to examine what you consume, as it does impact your health. 

Don’t miss a day. There are going to be days when you’re out of it mentally.  But challenge yourself to do something rather than nothing at all. 

Reward yourself. It is super important that you practice rewarding yourself. Note feats and milestones accomplished and determine how you want to treat yourself. Too often, we are quick to punish ourselves, even using our exercise routine as a punishment, yet doing so only works to discourage us.

Now more than ever, we need to ensure we take care of our health. Don’t delay. Use these tips as you set off on your health path. 

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