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Power Your Monday: A Little Bit of Colour and a Lot of Style

by Lou-Ann Jordan Aug 12, 2019

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It’s Monday morning, and you’re definitely not singing the blues. 

You’re heading off to the office, and you’re ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Why?  Because you’re alive and in charge, even if it’s only of yourself.

Plus, it might all have something to do with the colours you’re wearing.  

The Power of Colours

Clothes speak volumes, but don’t be mistaken it’s not only the design; so too do the colours you choose to wear.   

Did you know that in addition to affecting your mood, the colours you wear can also affect the mood of people with whom you come into contact?  Colour is a powerful form of communication.  Dark tones can evoke feelings of confidence, authority or sadness while lighter hues can elicit tranquillity, warmth, peace or even hostility. 

Admittedly, there is still much research to be done to prove the ranging effects of colour.  However, fine art, interior designing, marketing and fashion are a few of the fields that treat with hues based on their impact.  That being said, besides ensuring your choice of clothing matches, have you ever given much thought to how the colours you’ve donned make you feel?  What does your attire say about you?

Expert Advice from Image Consultant Nicole Thomas

In this series, Power Your Monday, Yello with the help of expert image consultant, Nicole Thomas will guide you in how to select your work attire.  We want to help you manage your image.

Based in Trinidad, the Image by Anastasia Nicole, founder works to enhance the physical attributes of her clients. Passionate about assisting the working woman to navigate the turbulence of the corporate world in style, Nicole is here to help you Power Your Monday.

With the weekend behind you, step into this Monday with a blast of colour that will chase away your blues, or those of anyone you encounter.

Here are Nicole’s picks and tips for this Monday’s splash of colour.

Image by Anastasia Nicole picks

Start your week with a colour that will boost your confidence and look great on you. Colours that attract the most compliments when worn are often your ‘wow’ colours; be sure to take note of them.

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Instead of dabbling with a bit of colour, go full out. Bright, fresh mint colour should be complemented with shades of crimson to create an original colour combination.

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If you’re a bit more secure about wearing bright colours, go for it boldly.  Mix orange with blue.  Ink blue, cobalt, denim blue, chambray, and light blue go particularly well with burnt orange, Dutch orange, tangerine or peach.

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Use any of these combinations, or create your own to Power your Monday.  Whatever you wear, have fun and look fabulous!

And, be on the lookout for next Monday’s suggestions.

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