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Quick Cooking: Easy Sweet Treats for Christmas

by Maia Muttoo Dec 2, 2019

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When you’re looking for a quick Christmas treat, look no further than these fast and festive indulgences.

Strawberry Whipped Cream Santas

If you want something sweet that won’t completely ruin your diet, try making strawberry Santas. All you need are strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate chips.

Jeanette’s Healthy Living has an easy, healthy recipe that uses homemade whipped cream and yields oh so cute results. If you prefer to use pre-made whipped cream, look for a low-fat organic option.

Christmas Tree Brownies

Brownies from a box have never been better.

Bake a tray of fudgy brownies using your favourite 15-minute boxed mixture, then cut them into triangles and decorate them to resemble Christmas trees. This is a great treat to make with children; have little ones decorate the trees with sprinkles, candy canes, or whatever toppings they like!

One Little Project has the recipe.

Festive Loaded Popcorn

Loaded popcorn is the perfect snack for your Christmas movie marathon.

To make festive popcorn, you can layer salty popcorn with a sweet option like kettle-corn or caramel-corn. Top the mixture with crushed candy canes or any of your favourite festive candies. Green and red candy-coated chocolate make a colour-appropriate addition! Drizzle the popcorn with melted chocolate and add pretzels for extra crunch if desired.

When you need to satisfy your Christmas cravings quickly, turn to one of these delicious desserts.

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