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Start The Year Right! Try these Four Practical Tips to Detox Your Mind and Body

by Lou-Ann Jordan Jan 9, 2023

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In our region, the word ‘detox’ often suggests awful-tasting home remedies used by our mothers or grandmothers at the end of the holidays. These purges, as they were dubbed, were intended to rid our bodies of the toxins we consumed while on break. However, the human body is quite adept at ridding itself of them without the aid of special concoctions.

Still, a detox at the start of the year is an excellent idea. The holidays have ended, and with us returning to work, school and other stressful engagements, it’s the perfect time to begin. Detoxification can give us renewed energy and zeal as we launch back into those responsibilities. Moreover, it can go a long way in improving overall health. 

So, if we’re not talking about laxatives, then what? We’re talking about getting proper rest, revising your eating habits and more. Read on for four practical ways to detox and rejuvenate your body and mind.

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Get proper rest. Life always has its stresses, and they negatively impact the mind and body. However, your body and mind need rest. You need to ensure you have downtime to support your mental and physical health. But more than just getting sleep, the quality of the rest you get is equally important. Rested and refreshed, you’re better able to address tomorrow’s trials. 

Lessen your sugar and salt intake. Managing these two can be a challenge. Some of us are incapable of eating our meals unless we taste salt, and beverages are not to be drunk unless they are sweet. Nevertheless, consuming too much salt and sugar is unhealthy. What’s more, some foods have hidden sugar, and a diet high in glucose causes many chronic diseases. If reducing the two seems like too much, too soon, begin with sugar. Start detoxing by cutting down on sugary drinks and junk food until you eliminate them from your diet. 

Reduce your alcohol consumption. Aim to drink less alcohol. Although our bodies are naturally equipped to remove toxins, excessive drinking can still be quite harmful. Over time, consuming too much alcohol can lead to liver damage. The CDC advises that other long-term health risks are hypertension, heart disease, various cancers and immune system dysfunction. By drinking less, you can stave off these and other chronic diseases.   

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Stay hydrated. Some of us love drinking water, and for others, it’s an unpleasant practice. Yet, for the latter, it’s one that you must adopt. Maybe thinking about the benefits will help you down your eight glasses a day. Some advantages of staying hydrated are that doing so flushes your system, improves digestion, helps avert constipation, and controls your blood pressure. If you have kidney, liver, or thyroid conditions or take medication that causes water retention, consult your doctor before making any changes to your water intake. 

Detoxing can help increase your energy level, improve your vigour, and ultimately improve your health. Can you think of a better way to start the year? We can’t.

Also, remember to discuss your plan with your general practitioner before getting started. If you need a doctor, search the Find Yello business listing for a doctor near you.

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