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Try These 10 Cool Life Hacks. Life Won’t Be Easier, But Your Day Might Be

by Lou-Ann Jordan Jan 6, 2020

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Life is beautiful.  This is especially so when our decisions and the resulting actions and events run like a perfectly tuned engine.  However, there are times that old engine needs tuning; especially, when our life situations are complicated, tiring and frustrating. 

Once again, as your local ‘go-to’ expert we want to help.  We bring you 10 amazing life hacks that will possibly diminish your frustration, save you time and the best part, you’ll be able to loosen those purse strings.

Here are 10 life hacks you’ll be happy we told you about:

The I-don’t-know-what-to-cook hack

Have you ever looked in your fridge and felt like you only have things that don’t match? You have peanut butter but no jelly or pasta but no pasta sauce?  After a long day, finding your cupboard, pantry or fridge with mismatched ingredients and trying to determine what meal they’ll allow you to prepare can be, dare we say it, frustrating!  Well no more, hop on to your device and go to the My Fridge Food website.  Just enter the ingredients you have in your fridge and pantry—and presto, the site will generate recipes for you.

The bruises and burns hack

If you have boys running around or are prone to burning yourself this hack is for you.  Whether for minor injuries or burns an ice pack is a handy thing to have around.  Soak a sponge with water, place in a freezer-friendly bag and leave it to freeze.  You’ve got the perfect non-drip ice pack. Now all you have to do when there’s an emergency, remove from freezer and apply to the affected area.

The shave-the-fuzz hack

Who doesn’t have a favourite sweater they’ve been holding on to although it’s beset with fuzz balls?  Actually, who said fuzz isn’t restricted to sweaters?  It appears on cardigans, trousers, or skirts because of constant friction.  Well, before you retire your favourite clothes why not try this.  Take a disposable razor and run it over the fuzz, shaving it away.  Now you can get back to sporting that fav sweater.

The car shine hack

If you’re strapped for cash, maybe you can’t take your vehicle to the car wash.  Well, grab a bucket and begin.  We’ll help you create the shine.  Add some hair conditioner to the rinse water you’re using to clean the vehicle. Most conditioners have an ingredient called lanolin which is a waxy substance.  It will give your vehicle a beautiful shine. 

The non-messy pancakes hack

This is a very taste specific hack. If you like pancakes, but dislike how it can get messy as you try to position the batter filled spoon over the centre of the pot to create that perfectly circular pancake.  Hmmm, we have a simpler way.  Grab an old condiment bottle—ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise any of those will work.  Clean it thoroughly.  Next time you’re making pancakes pour the mixed batter into the reused container and then squeeze to circular, non-messy perfection.

The gum removal hack

We offer an easy remedy to an annoying problem. How often has your child come home from school with gum stuck to their uniform?  Then again does this only happen with children?  Don’t answer that.  Whether school uniform or work bottoms, take an ice cube and place it on the affected area.  Once the gum hardens, discard the ice if it hasn’t melted, and remove the gum.  It’s really as easy as one-two-three.

The wrinkle-free hack

Ironing—it may not be your favourite chore.  We understand that.  However, here’s a hack helps with wrinkled t-shirts.  Spritz the wrinkled area with water, then use a hair blow drier to dry the spot.  Voilà, wrinkles are gone!

The save-your-fingers hack

Your fingers will thank us for this one.  How often has the hammer connected, painfully, with your thumb while hammering a nail?  Here’s a hack that will save your finger.  It’s simple, use a clothespin to hold the nail in the desired spot, that’s it, now you can hammer away.

The hazy headlights hack

After a while headlights become hazy.  To clean lights apply toothpaste to a cloth and wipe your vehicle’s headlights.  It’s quick and straightforward, and they’re restored to clarity.

The icebox/beer cooler hack

Heading to lime or hang out with friends and want to keep beers, cold?  Based on the number of bottles you’re taking, find an empty box that will hold them.  Outfit the box with a bag; folding its ends over the side of the box to ensure it fits snugly.  Set the drinks to stand inside of the box then pour in the blocks of ice.  There you have it, your quick, efficient and thrifty icebox or beer cooler.

We can sense it, it’s almost palpable, your excitement.  Well, have fun trying these 10 hacks.  We hope we’ve made life if not a little easier, somewhat more entertaining for you.

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