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Use These Five Fitness Apps to Track Your Progress and Beat Unhealthy Habits

by Yello Jun 24, 2019

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Let’s face it, maintaining good fitness habits isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps to support your health goals by keeping you accountable and tracking your workout data.

Here are five fitness apps to track your progress and beat unhealthy habits.

My Fitness Pal

User friendly My Fitness Pal has been appearing on top app lists for years. With an extensive built-in database of nutrition information, it helps you to track calories, sugar intake, sodium, and other important diet details. The app also allows you to scan food labels or manually log any meals you cook. It also connects to partner apps like Fitbit and MapMyFitness so you can sync your data.


MapMyFitness is the exercise counterpart to My Fitness Pal’s nutrition-based programme. Through this app, you can log your workouts, get feedback and store stats. If you enjoy social fitness, the app also has sharing capabilities so you can swap running routes or weight circuits with friends.


Sworkit is a great option for those on a tight schedule. Simply select the type of workout you’re looking for (cardio, strength, yoga, etc.) and enter the minutes you can spend on it. The app will give you customised video workout ranging from five to 60 minutes; your busy day is no excuse with this app!


You don’t need a fancy fitness watch to track your daily runs. Runkeeper is a great GPS-enabled app that maps your runs for you. The system allows you to save each run into a historical list of every run to-date, and will alert you when you’ve reached milestones like your longest run, or your fastest 5K. Training for a specific length? Runkeeper also allows you to create training programmes that will get you up to speed for a 5k through to a full marathon.


This audio-only app offers on-demand and weekly workouts from a range of fitness types. Imagine having a group class led by a top-tier trainer broadcast straight to your headphones – that’s what Aaptiv is like. Select the type of playlist you’d like and the time you have available for your session, then get to sweating!

No matter your fitness goals, there’s technology to help you achieve them. Stay on track and kick unhealthy habits to the curb with these five fitness apps.

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