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Six Easy Tips to Get Excited and Stay Motivated for Your Daily Work Out Routine

by Lou-Ann Jordan Jan 3, 2023

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So, you’ve been talking about getting fit. You’ve been meaning to get back to the gym, but all of 2022 passed and you didn’t make it. Then, some may have started, but their zeal fizzled as the year progressed or their lives became too busy. Don’t be disheartened; you can get started or resume this year.

We all know it is essential to take care of our health, but life can get busy and distract us. Also, our Caribbean culture is one in which we can base our health on how we look or, at times, feel. Choosing only to engage in physical activity, change our diet, or visit a doctor when something ‘feels’ wrong. However, we’ve seen that we must prioritise health care in recent times.

In addition to getting your regular health checks done, engaging in physical activity is a must. Regular exercise helps to improve your health and reduces the risk of some diseases. Health checks, a nutritious diet and physical activity all work together to ensure you stay in the best of health. But this year, we’re changing the old mindset and investing in living a healthy lifestyle.

To do so, let’s begin with our exercise goals. Put last year behind you and get ready to start again. We want to help you realise your plans for this year. Of course, the first and most critical step is committing to getting started. Once you’ve done so, the next step is maintaining momentum and interest. We’ve got you covered. There are several ways you can avoid the dullness that can steal your excitement. Read on as we share a few tips that can get you started and keep you inspired over the next 12 months.

While many choose a workout routine that involves visits to the gym several days a week, there are other options. Keep in mind that you may benefit from a hybrid schedule as you plan your workout routine. To break the monotony, you can mix gym workouts with other activities like tennis, walking, or swimming.

Here are six simple tips to keep you excited and motivated to exercise daily.

Assign specific days for body parts. After deciding on the number of days, you’ll allocate to working out, use each day to focus on one particular body part. For example, begin your week working on your legs, then follow up with core exercises the next day, and biceps or back the following. This focus helps you track your growth and ensure your routine is comprehensive. You can work with a trainer to decide where to start and which exercises are suitable.

Alternate your workout hours. Some of us prefer to work out in the morning, while others prefer to do so after work. However, 5 a.m. trips to the gym can become burdensome after a while. A one-day break can quickly turn into a week and then more. Why not alternate your workouts between morning and evening? The change can be monthly or occur based on your other commitments. If you’ve had a late night or need to have an earlier start, you can switch your workout time. It’s better to do so than to miss it altogether, and it will take care of any guilt you may feel.

Go for a walk or jog. There are times when you may crave scenery, and that’s the benefit of a walk or jog.  It’s twofold this type of exercise because you also get to clear your mind as you’re working out your body. Schedule a brisk walk or jog into your routine to add some dynamism. You can even add a bit more excitement by walking or jogging backwards part of the way. However, be sure you’re in an area where your safety is guaranteed.

Engage in a sporting activity. When we think of exercising, we often think of heading to the gym, but engaging in a football, basketball or volleyball match can be just as effective. Join a team and allocate one of your days for team matches or practices. A swim is an excellent option for a full-body workout if your schedule does not permit it. Swimming engages your core, legs, arms and lungs.

Get a partner. Training with a partner helps make exercising more enjoyable. You can motivate each other to stay on track, offer support for exercises, and you’re more likely to work harder. Still, when choosing a partner, be sure it’s someone who shares your commitment to being fit and healthy. You’re both going to have off days, but you want someone reliable.

Take a day off.  You’ve got to take a day to relax and let your muscles recover. Enjoy a morning of sleeping in or an evening of lounging, then begin your week again.

Let’s commit to taking better care of ourselves this year. Practising a healthy lifestyle can be viewed as three-pronged. More than how we look, we’ve got to examine how we feel and, even more so, assess and possibly adjust what we do.

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