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Ways to work out for gym haters

by Stephanie Koathes May 28, 2018

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Some people are religious about going to the gym, it forms an integral part of their lives and they love it.

For others, the thought of the gym fills them with hatred.

If you want to work out and get fit, but you hate the gym, don’t worry there are many ways (other than jogging) to exercise without setting foot in a conventional gym.

Join a dynamic group class like kickboxing or cross fit in order to get in your weekly dose of cardio and strength training. The dynamic nature of these classes and the group environment means you’ll never get bored.

Pole dancing
Don’t like the idea of a contact workout like kickboxing? A pole dancing, belly dancing or Zumba class is a great way to get fit and toned while having fun and learning a few sexy moves.

YouTube Yoga

Yoga training concept
Yoga is an excellent addition to any fitness roster. If you can’t find, afford or fit a scheduled class into your routine, YouTube is full of great yoga lessons you can follow at home at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Play a fitness video game
Who says fitness can’t be fun? Switch up your workout routine every once in a while and play a heart-pumping fitness game like Just Dance, Zumba Fitness or EA Sports Active.

Web classes

Woman practicing yoga at home
Many trainers offer online work out sessions you can easily tune into at home and follow. It’s easy to choose the type of work out you want and fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Find a local public access pool or head to the pool at your friend’s apartment and take a swim. Swimming burns major calories and is low impact so your joints will be happy.

If you love nature then regular weekend hikes are a fantastic way to burn some calories.