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Five Key Factors to Keep in Mind for The New Year

by Carolyn Lee Jan 6, 2020

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At the start of a New Year, some of us write down our resolutions. These resolutions should create a positive change or a desired outcome.  While resolutions are great, many people struggle with keeping them. 

A resolution reflects a clear decision that we intend to keep.  

However, circumstances may impact the decision and create an unintended change. In addition to this, we may overlook key areas that need our attention. 

Here are five key factors to keep in mind for the New Year. 

Create Realistic Goals 

If you are not great at keeping New Year’s resolutions, don’t waste time writing them down.  Create a list of realistic goals instead. 

Your goals do not have to be significant changes. These goals can be relatively simple things that will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

Don’t overdo the goals list. Write down the goals that you believe you can realistically accomplish.  Select three to five objectives, as it depends on how aggressive you will be in pursuing each goal. 

Types of goals to include are financial, career, spiritual, personal development, educational, health and relationships. 

A long-term goal should span at five to ten years. You can fulfil a short-term goal within a few months or a year. Meanwhile, transactional goals are steps that you take to accomplish a goal. 

Make Health a Key Priority 

At the start of a New Year, it is easy to become consumed by our career goals.  At times, our health may suffer because of the routines that we get locked into early. 

While our financial growth and professional development are important, our health must become a priority. Make time for a proper medical check-up. Rest is important. Add exercise to your schedule and stick with it. Eat healthier meals. Seek counselling if you need it.  

Focus on the things that promote good health and overall wellness. 

Pay Attention to Your Relationships 

Having healthy relationships with others can empower and inspire us. However, relationships that have a lot of drama can affect us negatively. If you get hurt in a relationship, create boundaries, or end it. 

Healthy relationships provide us with support, gives a sense of belonging and can have a positive impact on our health. Nurture the relationships that will allow you to grow and accomplish your goals. 

Stop Procrastinating 

Our daily routines can often distract us from some of our goals. If you are into the habit of putting things off until a later date, it’s time to stop. 

Procrastination is the slow death of accomplishment. Be hungry for your goals. Look for and engage with people that motivate you to pursue your goals more aggressively.  

Don’t be afraid to fail. There is a lesson there that you can use to accomplish success going forward. 

Practice Self-Love 

Embracing self-love may sound like an easy thing to do; however, it takes work. At times, we may compromise our happiness, health and peace to ensure that others are OK. 

When this becomes the norm, it is difficult to create boundaries that allow us to take care of our needs. Implement self-love activities into your routine. 

These may be treating yourself, spending time alone, saying no when you need to, and valuing your time and talents. 

Remember, if you are not healthy, aware and focused, you could easily miss out on the opportunities to grow. Start creating the life that you desire now. 

Good luck! 

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