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His Best Advice Ever! Three of Yello’s Men Share About Their Dads

by Lou-Ann Jordan Jun 6, 2022

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There is something incredibly comforting about a strong presence. In its shadow, we are free to make mistakes, learn and grow because we know someone has our backs. And, the strength of this presence isn’t based on a physical or material attribute. It’s an emotional one, and it’s learnt very early in our childhood.    

Fathers are that powerful presence that impacts our wellbeing and, ultimately, the course of our lives. They do this implicitly by their example and explicitly in tones that arrest attention and command compliance.  

Can you think of something you learnt from your dad? Was it a word of advice you now hold on to, a particular interest you now share or a practice you’ve adopted?  

As you ponder that question and in acknowledgement of the special men in our lives, we thought you might enjoy hearing from three of our Yello team members. We posed this question to them: “What’s the best lesson or advice your dad shared that you still hold on to today?”   

Read on as each discusses the profound impact their father continues to have in their lives.   

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Kwesi G. – Barbados  

One of the most important lessons my dad has taught me and which I’m grateful for is how to treat and love others. He’s done this through the affection he’s shown my mom, the role he’s played in their partnership and the sacrifices he’s made so we can live a comfortable life. My dad’s actions have taught me how to love and, more importantly, how to be a partner. I aspire to do the same someday for my family.   

Additionally, from a very young age, my dad taught my siblings and me the importance of managing our finances. We used techniques such as managing budgets to do Christmas shopping and saving towards non-essentials. Sometimes, he would buy the item for me after I’d saved for it. These actions taught me financial patience and hard work. In his words, the journey to being financially free is a marathon, not a sprint.  

Chris T. – St. Lucia  

First, I’m excited to talk about my dad, though what I will share isn’t advice that he passed on. It was something far more significant. My background is based on graphic design. Two of my family members are graphic designers, and my dad was a ‘newspaper man’ in the printing industry. My dad was a linotype operator at Guyana Printers from 1971 to 1983. Before computers, newspaper printers used linotype machines to set text.

Growing up and seeing the process of producing the newspaper with my dad, engendered my love of graphic design. At home, we had many photos of him at work, some with him working at the machine. I even remember him taking me to work. So, I attribute my love of graphic design and my profession, on the whole, to my dad.     

Glenville E. – St. Kitts   

Some of the best advice my dad gave me as a teenager was about knowing the value of having a good character. He would always say that your gifts and talents may open doors for you, but your character will decide if you’ll get to stay. This is advice I continue to live by and cherish. Thanks to those wise words from my dad and the influence it has had in shaping me, I am sure that my character has spoken up for me even when I was not present. It is something as a father that I now share with my child, hoping that it brings her even greater opportunities and success than it has me.  

While we shouldn’t restrict honouring our dads to a specific day, it is nice to have one that ensures we don’t forget.  One of the most meaningful ways to demonstrate our esteem for him is by imitating his best traits or practices.  

From us to all dads, Happy Father’s Day!