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Let’s Travel: The Ultimate Dining Experience in St Kitts

by Stephanie Koathes Jul 22, 2019

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I’m a foodie. I love food so much that most of my travels have been based on what I’m going to eat wherever I’m visiting  – who needs museums when you have restaurants? So when I got the chance to visit St Kitts and Nevis, one of the first questions I asked was about the food.

I admit that I was surprised when presented with a long list of restaurants and cuisines that were available on the islands. One dining experience I was told that I absolutely had to have when on St Kitts was the farm-to-table dinner offered by Belle Mont Farm Resort at Kittitian Hill. Belle Mont Farm is a luxury resort located on 400 acres of organic farmland known as Kittitian Hill.

Let me start by saying that this is definitely not an every weekend kind of experience. It’s most definitely a splurge, but if it’s possible to do it at least once, it’s worth it. The dinner is by reservation and is only held when a minimum of 12 people have booked seats.

Here was my experience at the farm-to-table-dinner at Kittitian Hill.

The taxi drove along Old Bay Road, with the sea moving ceaselessly to the left and the hills painted in shades of green on the right. Leaving the main road, we turned onto the long tree-lined drive to Belle Mont Farm, with my anticipation building as the car climbed to Kittitian Hill.

The landscape is beautiful, with the hotel’s luxury villas peeking their white roofs out from the foliage and views of the sea and St Eustatius in the distance. Tropical plants like palm, banana, and pineapple decorate the deep grey stone of the entrance to the bar and pool area.

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 A water mill rises close behind. It isn’t a real mill, but was designed to mimic the old water mills scattered around the St Kitts landscape. It houses a luxurious guest room.  

The mountain air was cool, a lovely escape after the heat of the day in the lowlands.

There’s not much walking at Belle Mont Farm/Kittitian Hill. Golf carts take hotel guest around the property. As I waited on the golf cart that would take me to The Farm for dinner, a young American guest, came over and introduced herself and her husband. Other guests heading to the dinner started introducing themselves, and a bond for the evening was formed as we all chatted. The golf carts arrived, and we headed off to the farm-to-table dinner in little groups of newfound friends.

In just a few minutes, the cart pulled up at a wooden pavilion where a long communal table was set and ready for diners.

Dinner started off with an assortment of freshly baked breads and unique condiments such as spicy pineapple and refreshing watermelon relish.

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This was followed by five salad dishes and five meat dishes. The majority of the food provided came from the organic farm, which we could see from the table. The food is grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers. What was not sourced from Kittitian Hill’s garden came from local suppliers.

The philosophy behind not only the farm-to-table dinner but the entire approach to food at Belle Mont Farm/Kittitian Hill is sustainability. The property aims to source as much as possible from the land and sea surrounding the hotel. They also work with local farmers and suppliers who use sustainable practices.

It was easy to establish a sense of comradery at the farm-to-table dinner, bookended by the lush hills of the property and the view of the distant sea. We sat around the table exchanging stories about where we’re from and what brought us to Belle Mont Farm as night fell and a fire was lit. The wine, constantly topped up by the lively MC/waiter, certainly didn’t hurt the mood. 

It felt like the most luxurious family dinner with everyone passing around steaming plates of meat or refreshing salads: strangers becoming friends for one night.

I left in the dark, cool air feeling full and content. Was the farm-to-table dinner at Kittitian Hill expensive? Yes. Was it a one-of-a-kind experience that was worth the splurge? Absolutely.

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