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Swimming Tips You Should Keep in Mind for Beach Trips This Summer

by Carolyn Lee Jun 5, 2023

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Swimming Tips You Should Keep in Mind for Beach Trips This Summer

A typical summer activity is going to the beach with relatives or friends. While some enjoy beach games or relaxing in the shade, others love swimming or exploring underwater. Beach days can be fun, but caution is needed. If you are learning to swim or are an experienced swimmer, we have some tips for beginners that may serve as reminders for experienced swimmers for a day at the beach.

Are you physically capable?

Swimming requires proper breathing, various swimming techniques, and strength. Even experienced swimmers encounter challenges when swimming in the sea, so remember your limits. If you are a beginner, stick to your fitness level and experience. People with open-water swimming experience usually know what methods to use based on the tide and their fitness level.

Be psychologically prepared.

Although beach days are usually fun, being in the open sea is sometimes unpredictable. Most experienced swimmers mentally prepare for the ocean’s surprising depths, vastness, and other people’s activities. It would be best to stay alert for unexpected changes in the water and weather. If you are alone, talk with people on the beach and ensure that at least one other person is nearby while swimming.

Let the professionals handle serious emergencies.

If you’re swimming and observe someone having difficulty – call for help before trying to save them. Someone who is having difficulty may panic, leading to unfavourable results. If you have CPR training, you can attempt to assist with the lifeguard’s help. If you are having difficulties, try not to become alarmed. Alert the closest person and let them assist you in getting help.

Other important tips and reminders to keep in mind:

  • Ensure you have sunblock, appropriate swimwear, goggles, sunglasses, towels, open-water float, and money for beach entry. 
  • Choose a supervised beach with clear warning flags, safety signs, and lifeguards on duty. Observe the various beach signs and banners, and always stay where the lifeguard can see you.
  • Swimming in the ocean requires different skills than swimming in a pool. Use the techniques that work best in open water.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses in the water, and always swim with a partner. Also, remember to notify your swimming partner if you need to return to the shore. 
  • Warm up on the shore before swimming, practice your breathing and swimming techniques, and pace yourself.
  • Alcohol limits perception and responsiveness, so avoid drinking and swimming.
  • Pay attention to hazards in the water, like debris, rocks, and coral. Also, look out for changes in the tides.
  • Be mindful of activities like jet skis, boats, etc., in the water.
  • If there is thunder and lightning, immediately go to the shore.

At Yello, we want you to have an enjoyable and safe summer. We hope these reminders help. You can use the Find Yello search bar for businesses with the needed products to make your beach days hassle-free.

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