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Tips You Can Use to Enjoy a Safe Night Out This Easter

by Carolyn Lee Mar 18, 2024

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Tips You Can Use to Enjoy a Safe Night Out

Many events are taking place this Easter, allowing some of us who may not go out often to let our hair down and have fun. Although a night out should be enjoyable, unexpected problems can arise, including drunkenness, accidents, robbery, or abuse. We know how easy it is to get distracted while having a great time, so we have a few reminders to enjoy a night out safely.

10 Reminders for a safe night out.

Create a safety plan: Discuss how to get to the location, reliable transportation, or parking options with the people you plan to go out with. Are the people you’re going with responsible? Will there be drug or alcohol use? Figuring out the answers to these questions can help you plan and implement safety measures for your night out.

Charge your device: Completely charge your phone before a night out so you can contact friends if you get separated or make calls if something goes wrong. A functional telephone allows you to call a taxi service or guide someone to come to you. Remember to have credit on your phone before you go out. If you can’t get credit before leaving, prioritise getting it once you leave home.

Be observant and confident: Some criminals observe body language to determine their targets, so be aware and confident. Walk purposefully to show vigilance. Be alert, minimise using your phone, and make brief eye contact with passersby. Go in a group or ask a security guard or sober male friend to accompany you to the parking lot if your vehicle is parked in a dimly lit area.

Limit alcohol and avoid drug use: Alcohol and drugs can impair judgment, reason, and coordination, slowing your reaction time and making you an easier target for predators. If you plan on drinking or using drugs, get a designated driver, limit your alcohol intake, and do not drink on an empty stomach.

Say no and be firm: Men typically offer women drinks during a night out. Some men can be persistent even if you politely decline their drink offer. Be polite but firm when saying no. You can try a non-verbal tactic and hold out your drink to signal that you already have one. If the person is aggressive or inebriated, move away. If you feel unsafe, alert your friends, bartenders, or security guards.

Stay with your friends: People often get separated in crowds, so plan a meeting spot. Ask a friend to accompany you to the restroom, food vendor, or parking lot so someone is with you in case you lose your other friends. Stay connected with each other using a location app, text messages, or calls.

Be wise about what you share on social media: Sharing an image or video during your outing can make you a target, especially when you tag the location. Some places are easy to identify. Someone with nefarious intentions might be watching and plan to target you. Consider sharing videos or images from your night out a few days later.

Protect your drinks: Don’t leave your drinks at a table or bar. Someone can slip a drug into your glass, targeting you for sexual assault or robbery. Finish your drink before dancing, take it with you, or buy a new one. Don’t accept premade drinks from strangers. If someone offers to buy you a drink, go to the bar and watch the bartender make it.

Have emergency money: You can prepare for the unexpected by keeping emergency money on you separate from your purse or wallet. You can use this money for a taxi if you lose your bag or it gets stolen. Try stashing your emergency money inside a jacket pocket, boots, or phone case.

Avoid confrontations: Intoxication and misunderstandings can create tension, so pay attention to friends who overuse alcohol or are typically aggressive. You will know if they need help or are about to start a conflict. If a friend gets into a fight, pull them away from the situation.

What else should you consider?

Some predators attend events to target vulnerable people, so keep safety in mind while out. Also, men and women can be victims of robbery, assault, and rape. Protect yourself and be aware of what’s happening around you.

Have a great and safe Easter.

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