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Yext Launches GPT-3 Based Conversational AI

by Article Contributed Mar 13, 2023

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Yext logo - image source Wikipedia
Yext Logo – Image source – Wikipedia

Taking inspiration from Chat GPT – and all the excitement surrounding it – Yext has launched an AI-powered chatbot in closed beta. Known as Yext Chat, it lets enterprises integrate a white-labeled chat function on their web properties. This can be for a variety of customer service use cases.

If this sounds familiar, it borrows from the Yext Search playbook, which offers a customized search engine to any website. Like Yext Search utilizes a given enterprise’s knowledge base as a search index, Chat will tap into a similar set of resources to drive its AI engine, training set, and language models.

In both cases, Yext taps into the same technology: the Yext Knowledge Graph. This is sort of a customized and site-specific version of Google’s Knowledge Graph. Yext Chat will utilize this, along with multiple large language models including GPT-3, and manual controls for enterprise customization.

“The world is waking up to the power of large language models that can generate truly coherent conversations,” said Yext Chief Data Officer Christian Ward “We’ve built Yext Chat on top of a knowledge graph to bring these capabilities to the enterprise in a way that’s compliant and authoritative. In order to effectively use conversational AI within a local business context, every organization — no matter how big or small — will need a centralized, curated set of knowledge to ensure that generated answers are accurate and grounded in real-world information. A knowledge graph enables this approach, all while future-proofing an organization’s content for emerging technologies that will leverage different models for different objectives.”

This article was republished in part from Localogy. Article by Mike Boland.

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