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How to Take the Perfect Photo

by Karen Rollins Jan 30, 2023

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How to take the perfect photo

Photographs are one of the best ways to capture a special moment but they can be easily ruined by a finger on the lens, a shaky image, or an unwelcome shadow across someone’s face.

Yello has scoured the internet to collate these five tips which should help you take some great pictures and enable you to do justice to your memories.

Keep it sharp

Concentrate on keeping your photograph sharp and in focus by holding the camera steady to avoid a shaky and blurry image.

Do not rush to take the picture and press the shutter button slowly.

If you’re taking a photo with your smartphone you can buy a mobile tripod or try leaning against a wall or mantelpiece to keep your body stable.


Lighting is one of the most important facets in photography when taking a good picture. Consider all of the sources of natural and artificial light which are impacting your image including the direction, the intensity, and the quality of light.

If you’re taking pictures of people, overhead sunlight can cast harsh shadows, so it may be better to ask the subject to move into a more shaded area.

Experts suggest taking scenic photos during the long shadows and colour of early morning and late afternoon when the light is warmer and softer.


When you’re framing your photo take a moment to consider everything that is seen within the frame. Do you need all that background? Ensure that everything is there because you want it to be there, and is going to enhance the subject, and will not overwhelm the image.

Move closer to your subject if you need to so that they dominate the frame. Sometimes it’s best to zoom in and crop tightly around the subject and remove most of the background so that the object of the photo gets the desired attention.

Keep the horizon straight

Line the horizon up so that it appears straight as you look at it on the screen or through the viewfinder. If you give the horizon too much slant or angle to the left or right it can ruin an amazing sunrise or sunset or make the ocean look like it is running off the edge of the photo.

If your camera has a built-in viewing grid, use it to help you keep the horizon straight.

Direct your photos

Don’t be afraid to position your subject, use and arrange props, or try an unusual viewpoint like a crouching or lying down position.

Take your time and give clear directions as to where you would like your subjects to stand or what you would like them to do.

Think of yourself as an active photo director, not just a passive picture taker.

Happy snapping!

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