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Single? Who Says You Can’t Enjoy Valentine’s Day? Here Are Eight Ways To Prove The Ads Wrong!

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 3, 2020

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while you may not necessarily want to weigh in on the debate about its genesis or commercialisation—you find that you do like the tradition.  After all, who can argue against a day that promotes, globally, expressions of love?

You experience a feeling of warmth as you watch faces light up with excitement and hope.  You delight in witnessing the unexpected declaration of affection by some; a sudden bout of courage inspired by the day. 

For years, you’ve watched from the sidelines as your friends anticipate receiving a bouquet, boxes of chocolate or heart-shaped balloons from their significant others or secret admirers. 

However, why are you on the periphery of this day of love? Have you bought into the narrative presented in advertising campaigns? We’re here to correct this.  As a single, there is no reason you can’t participate in and enjoy this collective celebration of love.

If you’re going solo this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got some fantastic ideas on how to make this one memorable.

Here are eight Valentine Days ideas for singles:

Plan a movie marathon. Choose a genre.  You can opt for a night of high-intensity action movies, or grab a box of tissue and line up a few Netflix dramas. 

Karaoke night! Who doesn’t love belting out their favourite ballads, or tripping over lyrics as they try to keep up with their favourite rapper?  Also, you can invite your crew and make it a night.

Love yourself.  According to dramatist Oscar Wilde, loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.  It’s essential to engage in some self-validation from time to time, and what better day to do it than on Valentine’s Day.  Identify your remarkable qualities and set reminders on your phone, highlighting the different characteristics.  It’ll be a day of empowerment.

Be Cupid’s messenger.  Dispel the myth that singles are innately narcissistic. Treat someone; a note, card or even flowers presented to an older person you respect or admire is a lovely thought.

Pamper yourself.  Treat yourself to a bit of self-care.  A homemade facial, plus a DIY manicure and pedicure are excellent ways to show some self-affection.

Enjoy a night of fine art.  By art, we mean your creations.  Why not buy a canvas and watercolour paints and let your inner Van Gogh loose.

Play catch up.  Life gets busy, and often, we can inadvertently neglect a friend.  This Valentine’s Day, use it to catch up with a loved one with whom you haven’t spent time in a while.

Stay away from social media.  Trolling your ex and their new partner on social media is not advisable.  Also, scrolling through friends photos can cause you to feel lonely or envious.  Resist the temptation or if you can’t place your devices out of reach.

There is no reason you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day just as much as anyone else.  Dispel the idea that singleness automatically translates into loneliness on this global day of love. 

Look around, there are many people you can share your affection with, beginning with you. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!