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St Lucia’s La Marguerite Flower Festival 2019

by Karen Rollins Oct 7, 2019

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On 17 October the feast day of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque or La Marguerite (La Magawit in Creole) will be celebrated in St Lucia.  

La Marguerite was born in France in 1647.

From the age of 20, she experienced visions of Jesus who told her to spread devotion to His Sacred Heart by showing his love for the world. Margaret died on 17 October 1690 at the age of 43 and was canonised a saint in 1920. 

In St Lucia, members of the Marguerite Society prepare for the annual feast day with singing and dancing practices known as community séances.

At these nightly events, traditional African and French Creole tunes which date from St Lucia’s plantation economy and the traditions of enslaved Africans, are performed. 

On the day of the flower festival itself, Marguerite members dress up in their finest clothes and march to church, before parading through the local community. In the evening a grand fete is held for dignitaries. 

Fete La Marguerite is one of two rival flower festivals observed on St Lucia every year – the other being the La Woz Flower Festival also known as the Rose Festival.

Source: Catholic Online