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Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in St Lucia

by Karen Rollins Oct 1, 2018

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Almost everyone has heard of America’s Thanksgiving Day and St Lucia celebrates this day too but ours is much more laid-back.

St Lucia’s Thanksgiving Day is held on the first Monday in October.  This year the holiday falls on Monday 1st October. This public holiday allows people throughout the country to spend a little extra time with family and friends and encourages them to give thanks for the bounty of the island.

The historical roots of Thanksgiving stem from religious and cultural traditions but it’s also celebrated as a secular holiday as well.

The day itself originates from ancient harvest festivals which were traditionally celebrated during the autumn months of September and October, and in fact, the word harvest comes from the Old English word hærfest, meaning ‘autumn’.

Despite the day being a national holiday in St Lucia most businesses stay open and operate as normal.