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Yello’s Graphic Artist Chris Tanner Reflects On A Memorable Father’s Day Gift and Time With His Sons

by Carolyn Lee Jun 14, 2022

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Chris Tanner Reflects On A Memorable Father's Day Gift and Time With His Sons
Yello’s Graphic Artist Chris Tanner with sons Christon and Kanye. Photo credit: Bernard Tanner.

What’s the best Father’s Day gift to give dad?

A cologne, technological gadget, or family brunch are all great ideas. Being pampered, a spa treatment or an adventure tour are experiences he’ll probably treasure. Some of the best gifts are a combination of a tangible item and memorable moments.

We should treat our fathers to a day they will appreciate and enjoy. So, this Father’s Day, we are putting the spotlight on a dad who appreciates the tangible and intangible gifts his children give.

Meet Chris Tanner, one of Yello’s graphic artists (Operations, St. Lucia), a reliable co-worker, and a loving father.

Chris has worked at Yello for 18 years and has been in his industry for over 25 years. His positive outlook can be attributed to his motto, “I will not complain,” and his commitment to focusing on being happy.

When did you become a dad?

I became a dad in 2000 and had my second child in 2004. My eldest son, Christon, is 22, and my son, Kanye, is 16.

Tell us about your experience raising two boys.

You must be direct and precise because young men look for role models. They emulate their fathers. My father died when I was 16, so I grew up with six women. I knew that once I had children, I’d want to play an active role in their lives and help prepare them for the world. I told them that after God, I was second in charge. So, I live in a way that makes them proud of me.

They have different personalities, and I’ll guide them but try to remain neutral when they have disagreements. They know that fighting and bickering are not allowed, so they work on resolving their issues with each other on their own. I’ve never seen fatherhood as a “job.” Instead, it’s an experience I share with two wonderful boys.

What is one thing about fatherhood that surprised you?

I was thrilled on both occasions. In some families, having a son as a firstborn is celebrated because you have someone to carry on the family name. It’s nice to have a son and a daughter, but I ended up with two sons, and I embraced it fully. When you have children, you start to think about how you want their lives to be and the goals you want to be accomplished. I ensure that I’m active in their lives.

What is a special Father’s Day memory for you?

My sons treated me to a beautiful breakfast in bed a few years ago. They served me pancakes, sausages, eggs, fruits, and juice. I didn’t ask them for anything, so it was a wonderful surprise when they did that.

Have the boys ever given you a Father’s Day gift that still makes you smile?

Kanye (16), Chris and Christon (22) during his birthday outing in May 2022. Photo credit: Bernard Tanner.

Yes. They saved a lot of money and bought me a travelling pouch, where I keep important documents like my passport and other paperwork. I’ve had it for approximately five years and use it whenever I travel. It reminds me of them.

What are you looking forward to this Father’s Day?

I don’t ask them for anything. I had my eye on a nice jersey, so they surprised me and bought it for my birthday last month (21 May). We also went out to dinner and had a good time. I appreciate all the little things they do, like making me a cup of tea or helping with chores. So, I’m down for whatever they have planned or want to do this Father’s Day.

Thank you for sharing with us, Chris. Have a happy and enjoyable Father’s Day with your family.

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