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How to Protect Important Personal Documents during a Hurricane

by Lisa Beauchamp Aug 1, 2022

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Hurricane Season

Don’t get caught out in an emergency or flooding or evacuation situation where you find yourself without your important and often irreplaceable documents. Pack your items wisely.

1. Start with a portable, waterproof (airtight) bag that’s brightly coloured, so you can identify it quickly in the dark or by torchlight. Gallon size zip lock bags are ideal or visit your local diving store that stocks durable, waterproof bags.

2. Avoid using cardboard at all costs. Hurricanes are traditionally wet storms that means when your box gets wet so do all of your belongings.

3. Keep these items and documents safe:

  • Driver’s license, photo ID
  • Printed copy of emergency contact list or address book (do not rely on your phone)
  • Insurance policies (health, home, auto)
  • Vital documents (birth certificates, passports, marriage certificate, wills, driving license)
  • Bank account information (account numbers, passwords)
  • Photocopies of credit and debit cards (front and back)
  • Stock certificates, investment information
  • Extra keys (home, safe deposit box, office and car)

Remember: When packing, be realistic about what you can carry. Pack only what is essential for surviving the storm and its aftermath.

4. Also, hurricane-proof your digital information.

Cloud-based backup preserves your data and grants you secure access from anywhere. The files go to a safe and secure data centre.  So no matter what happens to your computer you can always go online on another computer and be back up and running.

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