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New Year, New You: Five ‘Must-Read’ Self-Help Books

by Karen Rollins Feb 5, 2024

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A lot of people choose a New Year to reflect and reset and resolve to be the best version of themselves.

If you are thinking of making some siginifcant lifestyle changes in 2024, it could be a good idea to take advice from people who’ve been there and done it before and now want to pass on what they have learned to help others.

Self-help books are a massive market so you have to be careful which ones you choose, but we’ve narrowed it down to five books which have received rave reviews and appear on countless ‘bestseller’ lists.

After reading these you are bound to have picked up all the tips you need to improve your self-confidence, launch your business, or find true love – whatever it takes to make your dreams come true in 2024.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Despite being published nearly 25 years ago, this book is still recommended by celebrities, motivational speakers and other authors, as one of the best books on the shelf in the self-help genre.

Designed as a guide for day-to-day living, ‘The Power of Now’ stresses the importance of living in the moment and not letting thoughts about the past or future distract you from making the most of the present.

The book also provides practical help in the form of methods of relaxation and meditation, which give the reader the tools they need to focus on staying in the here and now.

The Self-Care Project by Jayne Hardy

Jayne Hardy is the founder and CEO of online mental health community The Blurt Foundation, and this book is partly based on her own experiences with depression in her 20s.

In ‘The Self-Care Project’, Jayne encourages the reader to change the way they see themselves and treat themselves with the same kindness and respect which they show to others.

She presents self-care as an essential tool and preventative measure that empowers people to fight stress and ill health and stop feelings of negativity before they become too overwhelming.

The book’s personal nature, along with thoughtful and practical advice, makes it appealing to a wide variety of people who’ve also struggled with self-worth and lingering unhappiness.

Happiness Is a Habit by Michele Phillips

Happiness is a habit

In ‘Happiness Is a Habit’ readers are introduced to a multitude of simple, daily rituals which are said to be guaranteed to improve overall well-being.

Author Michelle Phillips speaks about renovating your life, and developing helpful routines which will improve your mood and ensure that even if you have a bad day, you know how to handle it.

She advocates forgetting “superficial fixes like fad diets or shopping sprees and instead learn how implementing simple daily habits like journaling, juicing, and unplugging electronics” can improve your quality of life.

How to Live a Good Life by Jonathan Fields

Described as “a practical and provocative modern-day manual for the pursuit of a life well lived”, this book attempts to demonstrate how easy it is to be the best version of yourself while finding more meaning in life.

Based on the author’s “years-long quest to learn at the feet of masters from nearly every tradition and walk of life”, this book draws on the intersection of science and spirituality and offers a simple model to help people reclaim control over their lives.

The Power of Less by Leo Babauta

‘The Power of Less’ focuses on showing people how to streamline their lives by “identifying the essential and eliminating the unnecessary”.

Author Leo Babauta gives out advice on how to break down any goal into manageable tasks, create new and productive habits, and increase efficiency which will help you “work less, work smarter”.

The book also provides practical tips on how to eliminate “everyday clutter” while accomplishing goals that’ll eventually bring to fruition the life you want and deserve.

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