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10 Days of Activities to Keep You Busy This Carnival – Part One

by Lou-Ann Jordan Feb 11, 2020

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Trinidad and Tobago Carnival is weeks of fetes blaring the fast-paced rhythms of our finest soca artistes culminating in two days (three if you count Ash Wednesday’s last lap) of rambunctious revelry.

It is flamboyantly arrayed women clad in costumes of eye-catching fuchsia, flaming orange or popping purple.

It is pounds of glitter, sequins and sparkling beads.  It is the beat of the steel pan that transcends time, taking one back through yesteryears.

And, it is free up time; as revellers shake off the constraints of society.

Trinidad Carnival is the greatest show on earth comprising a plethora of activities that will leave you breathless, and possibly sunburnt.  With so many fetes and events to attend, an itinerary is needed, so we’ve done the hard work.  In this two-part feature, we will present you with 10 days of activities from which you can choose.

The Beginning: Awesome Friday

We begin two weeks before the main events. It is Awesome Friday, and there is much to enjoy.  Trinidad and Tobago’s kaleidoscopic culture affords variety in entertainment during the season.  As such, we proffer the followng list.

Also, as a twin-island state there’s an opportunity to visit the sister isle.  But, don’t be discouraged if you are unable to make the trip, there is still much to do on the mainland.

Day One

  • THA Pan Champ finals (Single-Pan Bands/Small, Medium & Large Conventional Band)
  • Traditional Carnival Characters Festival.
  • Flavorite Supreme Icecream National Schools Soca Monarch Finals (Secondary Schools).

Certainly, the children are not left out of the festivities. Whether it is juniors or teens get the family ready to head into the fun-filled melee. The next three days are jam-packed with activities for all.

Day Two

  • Red Cross Kiddies Carnival at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah.
  • King George Saturday, Queen’s Park Savannah.

Day Three

  • Marabella Kiddies Carnival.
  • St. James Street Parade.
  • The Old Yard (Formerly Viey la Cou), UWI, St. Augustine.
  • Republic Bank Junior Masquerade, Adam Smith Square.
  • Junior Kings & Queens Preliminaries, Queen’s Park Savannah.

Day Four

  • Tuco’s National Junior Calypso Monarch Finals, Queen’s Park Savannah.
  • Tobago Junior Panorama.

Day Five

  • Tuco’s Rapso Explosion, Nalis Ampitheatre.
  • Traditional Individuals and Fancy Sailors, Adam Smith Square.

Fun Fact:

Rapso is uniquely Trinidadian.  This style of music combines soca elements with calypso and strains of American hip-hop. It is a form of street poetry that developed in the 1970s as a means of expressing everyday experiences.


We have covered the first five days, and there are five more to go as we approach Carnival Monday and Tuesday. And, for more information on the 2020 Trinidad and Tobago Carnival events, please visit the Discover Trinidad & Tobago website.

Stay tuned for part two of the 10 Days Of Activities To Keep You Busy This Carnival.

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