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10 Tips That Might Make Spring Cleaning Easier

by Carolyn Lee Mar 4, 2024

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10 Tips That Might Make Spring Cleaning Easier

It’s almost the beginning of spring, and some people are thinking about how to refresh their homes. Spring cleaning can help refresh your home and eliminate allergens (asthma triggers). You might notice increased productivity, less clutter, and better organisation of household and personal items. Deep cleaning your home might seem time-consuming or tedious, but we have some tips to make it easier.

10 Useful Spring-Cleaning Tips.


You can start in your kitchen with deep cleaning and organising your refrigerator. Wash removable bins and shelves in warm, soapy water. Then rinse and allow them to dry before returning them to the fridge. Organise the shelves and throw out expired food.


You can use the oven’s self-cleaning function to remove stubborn grease and grime if your oven has it. Several oven-cleaning products are also available but follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, a natural cleaner (baking soda, vinegar, and water) could work. Apply a paste to the oven’s surfaces and leave it for approximately 20 minutes. Then, use a non-abrasive pad to scrub the surfaces gently. Use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe the oven afterwards.

Kitchen sink

The kitchen sink can develop unpleasant odours from soap residue and small food particles. A mixture made of vinegar and baking soda can help eliminate unpleasant smells and remove scum trapped in the sink. Pour baking soda (half a cup), then vinegar (half a cup) down the drain. Cover the drain, leave it for an hour, then pour hot water.

Reusable grocery bags

Many of us have reusable bags for grocery shopping. Over time, some bags can become stained or dirty. Check the bag’s care label for the correct cleaning method to clean them. You can use a soapy cloth to clean bags that are not machine washable, then rinse with a clean cloth and air dry. To declutter, discard the ones you no longer use.

Living room furniture

Most people spend quality time on sofas, making them prime spots for dead skin cells, stains, and food crumbs to slip into the cracks. You can check the manufacturer’s label for instructions on how to clean it properly. Wipe the surfaces of the coffee, side and end tables, and the television screen. Remember to shake the rugs outside, then use a carpet cleaner and a vacuum.

Blinds and windows

Cleaning your windows should be relatively easy since several products are available at home stores and supermarkets. However, white vinegar and water combined in a spray bottle can be an effective DIY cleaning solution. You will need a bucket of water, a few drops of dishwashing liquid, a towel to catch spills, and a clean sponge of microfibre cloth.

Begin cleaning the window from top to bottom, (including the frames) and spray it with vinegar and water solution. Use newspaper (black and white), paper towels, or a clean, lint-free towel in a Z-shaped motion to dry the window completely. You should follow the cleaning instructions specific to your blinds when cleaning.


Walls are often overlooked during regular housecleaning, but you can dedicate time to them during spring cleaning. Try using a damp microfibre cloth or a clean, damp microfibre mop to remove dust, stains, grease, and dirt on walls. Remember to clean doorframes, doors, and baseboards.


A mattress collects dirt, dead skin, and debris that can encourage bed bugs and dust mites when left unchecked. You can use a vacuum brush attachment to clean the dust off your bare mattress’s top, sides, and corners. A light spot cleaner spray containing hydrogen peroxide can be used with a damp cloth to blot stains or dirt marks. You can also use baking soda. Air dry your mattress before putting back sheets.


A nicely kept outdoor area adds to the overall appearance of your home. Cleaning your home’s exterior increases safety, protects the structure, and improves property value. Ensure you clean your patio by removing cushion covers, wiping the floor, and wiping or power washing outdoor furniture. Also, eliminate overgrown grass, weeds, and tree limbs that could be dangerous during heavy rains, winds, or storms.


We use doormats to welcome guests and beautify the entrance of the home. These mats also help prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and allergens. So, cleaning your mats allows them to be functional and look their best. You can shake the excess dirt from the mat and then use a vacuum to clean it further. Use a hose to remove stubborn dirt, then let the mat air dry.

After spring cleaning, you might notice increased productivity, less clutter, and experience ease with locating household and personal items. We hope these tips help. If you enjoyed this article and would like more like it, please use Find Yello and click on the articles tab.

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