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10 Ways to Use Leftover Citrus Peels

by Stephanie Koathes Jun 11, 2018

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Close-up of spiral orange peel on wooden table

Don’t just toss out the skins of those oranges! Citrus peels are far too useful to be immediately tossed in the trash. We’re sharing some interesting ways you might not have thought of to use citrus peels.

1. Citrus infused cubes
Jazz up your water with citrus ice cubes. To make: scrape out the bitter pith of your lemon or orange peels and drop them in a pot of hot water. Leaving it for an hour so that the flavour is completely infused; freeze in an ice tray.

2. Enhance meat
A hint of citrus makes any meat dish taste that much better. Add the peels in the braising liquid or use them to stuff chicken before roasting.

Earl Gray Tea with Sip Strainer

3. Spice up your tea
Remove as much of the bitter pith as possible and leave the peels in a single layer on a plate for a few days or toast them in a toaster oven at 200°F until dry. Add the dried peels to black tea.

4. Get saucy
Use orange peels to make marmalade, chutney or jam.

5. Citrus infused liqueur
Steep citrus peels in vodka or rum for a few days to create delicious citrus-flavoured liqueur.

6. Keep brown sugar soft
Add some lemon peel (with traces of pulp and pith removed) to your container of brown sugar to keep it from getting hard.

7. Remove minerals
Get rid of mineral deposits inside of a tea kettle by boiling peels inside it, then letting it sit for an hour.

peeled orange on the wooden background

8. Candy them
Using sugar and water, peels can easily be made into candied treats.

9. ‘De-stink’ shoes
Place citrus peels in the soles of your shoes overnight to absorb moisture and deodorise!

10. Clean the microwave
Place a bowl of water with orange or lemon peels in the microwave. Heat for one to two minutes or until the water steams; this will loosen up tough stains so they can easily be wiped away.

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