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Carnival Throwback: Top Songs of the Past Decade

by Carolyn Lee Feb 3, 2020

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Are you ready for carnival 2020? 

Over the past decade, soca artistes and calypsonians have shared a wealth of memorable and highly entertaining songs. We’ve pranced to the pulsating rhythms at many fetes, parties and while playing mass. 

To get you in the mood for carnival 2020, we are sharing some of the top carnival songs of the past decade. 

This list includes International Soca Monarch, Groovy Soca Monarch and Road March winners. 


“Palance” by JW & Blaze: Whenever this beat dropped, it was sheer excitement! Palance not only guaranteed a good work out but a great time. It won the Power Soca Monarch and the Road March competitions.  

“Murdah” by Shurwayne Winchester: Shurwayne is known for churning out the hits. This groovy yet slightly up-tempo song took the prize for Groovy Soca Monarch. 


“Advantage” by Machel Montano: Machel has dominated the soca scene for the past decade with very little signs of slowing down. He took home the prize for the Power Soca Monarch and the Road March competitions with “Advantage”

“Wotless” by Kes the Band (now Kes): This song dominated the airwaves across the Caribbean in 2011. It was not surprising when it won Groovy Soca Monarch in 2011. 


“Pump You Flag” by Machel Montano: This was a successful year for Machel. He won the Power Soca Monarch and the Road March competitions. 

“Mr Fete” by Machel Montano: He continued his dominance of the carnival scene winning Groovy Soca Monarch with this song. 


“Fantastic Friday” by Super Blue and “Float” by Machel Montano: Super Blue is a living soca legend. He returned to form tying Machel for the prize of Power Soca Monarch. 

“The Fog” by Machel Montano: Machel continued his reign for the 2013 carnival season with The Fog. He took home the Groovy Soca Monarch award. 


“Ministry of Road” by Machel Montano: Machel swept the Power Soca Monarch and Road march prizes with this high energy song. 

“The Real” by Kerwin Du Bois: Singer and songwriter, Kerwin Du Bois is a favourite for many soca lovers. He claimed the prize for Groovy Soca Monarch with this mellow jam. 


“Like A Boss” by Machel Montano: Machel kept the fire blazing with another of his trademark high energy tracks to secure the prizes for Power Groovy and the Road March competitions. 

“Ola” by Olatunji: This song has an undeniable groovy vibe that gets you in the mood for a good time. Ola nabbed the prize for Groovy Soca Monarch. 


“Cheers to Life” by Voice: Power Soca and Groovy Soca merged in 2016 with Voice’s Cheers to Life capturing the top spot. 


“Far from Finished” by Voice: In 2017, one soca category was selected, and Voice’s Far from Home took home the prize. 


“Year for Love” by Voice: Voice continued his groovy reign. He took home the Groovy Soca prize. 


“Run Wid It” by Mr. Killa: This year saw the re-introduction of both Power Soca Monarch and Groovy Soca categories. Mr Killa grabbed the prize for Power Soca Monarch with this high energy track. 

“Party Start” by Swappi: The rhythm and beat on this track are reminiscent of old school soca. Can you say vibes?! Swappi’s “Party Start” won the Groovy Soca Monarch prize. 

“Famalay” by Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin: This crowd favourite secured the prize for the Road March competition. What a vibe! 

There was no shortage of hits during the 2016 to 2019 season, but we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the songs that secured the top prizes in these competitions. 

This list is not exhaustive, so, feel free to drop a comment on who we missed via our social media pages. 

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