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Check Out the Top Five Things to do in Trinidad and Tobago on Your First Visit 

by Carolyn Lee May 27, 2019

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Carnival season is a major pull for many visitors who flock to Trinidad and Tobago each year. However, these vibrant islands are constantly buzzing with engaging activities and are a pleasure to visit any time of the year.  

If you are planning your first trip to Trinidad and Tobago, we’d love to share with you five fun activities that you must try! 


Cuisine: Yummy Doubles! 


Photo credit: Grueslayer @Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0

There is a variety of Trinidadian and Tobagonian dishes to stimulate the palette. However, no trip is complete without sampling a few sumptuous doubles. Doubles are a popular street snack. They are also a huge favourite for locals and visitors. They are made from curried chickpeas (channa), with other spices and ingredients and flat fried bread (barra). There are lots of doubles vendors, so it’s easy to get them. Popular doubles spots include Curepe, Woodbrook, St. James and Chacon among others. 

Tip: They can be a bit spicy, so be sure to let your vendor know exactly how (spicy) you want it!  


Maracas Bay: Beach life! 

Fried shark and bake fast food by beach Maracas Bay

There are many awesome beaches in Trinidad and Tobago. However, Maracas Bay’s location, facilities and food puts it on top of our list. It boasts offwhite sands, palm trees, and is protected by a gorgeous but deep bay. The drive to the beach takes you through the mountain, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the lush green scenery. The beach is also a favourite for those who enjoy body or board surfing. A day at the beach is also an opportunity to try another mouth-watering favourite among locals and visitors – bake and shark. 

Tip: Remember slather on lots of sun protection, stay hydrated and don’t be afraid to bite into some bake and shark.  


Hop over to Tobago: So much to do in Tobago! 

Loved for its unspoilt beauty, vibrant traditions and more, Tobago has a wealth of fun activities and hidden gems to uncover. The island features gorgeous beaches, warm and friendly people, lots of eco-adventures and more. Check out Little Tobago, which is one of the most important seabird sanctuaries in the Caribbean. Try one of Tobago’s national dishes, Curried Crabs and Dumplings. Go turtle watching along the west coast for a glimpse of the giant leatherback turtles, green sea turtles, olive ridleys, hawksbill or loggerheads. 

Tips: Tobago has many beautiful beaches, eco-adventures, and off the beaten path activities, etc. We recommend planning an itinerary or a weekend getaway, which will allow you enough time to explore! 


Pitch Lake: A date worth making. 


Photo credit: Grueslayer @Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0.

There are many great reasons to visit La Brea Pitch Lake. Ours is that it’s a chance to experience the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world. Pitch Lake is so impressive that it is considered by some as the eighth wonder of the world. Some items have been found in the lake, among them fossilised remains of a giant sloth and Amerindian artefacts. 

Tip: The tours are safe, informative and insightful. They are also relatively affordable. You will also get a chance to walk on parts of the lake, so bring your camera to capture the moments!  


Ariapita Avenue: Where the nightlife is amazing! 

Ariapita Avenue is a popular hip-strip, where the fun goes on into the early morning. The Avenue, located in Woodbrook, is popular for its many bars, lounges and eateries come alive with blaring music, party lovers and tourists.   

Tip: Some bars and restaurants spill out onto the pavement, so be prepared to mix in with the crowd. If you want to experience the rush, the best times to go are on a Friday night and during carnival season when there are multiple parties.  

Lastly, if you didn’t make it to Trinidad during carnival season this year, no worries. The event is held annually and is truly worth participating in. Spectacular performances, stunning costumes and untamed revelry are just some of the things that you can expect. Make it a date! 


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