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Do You Like Melee? This June its Mango Melee’s Annual Event

by Lou-Ann Jordan May 27, 2019

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The Caribbean islands are known for many things, each island possesses distinctive characteristics. Most notable is the wide range of fruits.  From Jamaica to Trinidad and Tobago and all the islands in between there are fruits galore.  Some are indigenous to the specific island, like nutmeg is to Grenada.  Then there are those that you’ll find as you travel throughout the islands.

Mangoes are such a fruit.  Every island has this sweet, juicy fruit.  In fact, mangoes uniquely mirror the diversity of the Caribbean islands.  They come in a variety of tastes, textures and sizes.

This June, mango lovers have the opportunity to partake in an event deliciously catered for them.  On June 2, the Melee Movementt committee hosts the second instalment of the annual Mango Melee.  Once again the event will showcase the products generated from this amazing fruit.

This year, entitled The Donkey Stones Games, the event takes place at Eddie Hart Ground, Tacarigua from 10 am to 5 pm.

Mango lovers get to enjoy their favourite variety while examining the many products infused with the versatile fruit.

Whether food and beverages, hair and body care, craft products participants can get ready to bask in the numerous wonders of mango. And, be environmentally conscious while doing so.  Expect no toxic containers or packaging as the organisers are committed to ensuring it’s a green event.

Do you love mangoes?  Then get in the melee that is The Mango Melee: The Donkey Stones Games.

For more information please visit Mango Melee on Facebook.