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Dream Chaser: Nicole Thomas – The Image Consultant

by Lou-Ann Jordan May 6, 2019

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We’re back with our Dream Chaser series, and we’re excited to present to you the energetic, determined, and bold image consultant Nicole Thomas.

Like many of the tremendously talented people we’ve showcased, Nicole has earned the nod of being among our dream chasers because of the relentless pursuit of her goals.

Nicole is a woman of transformation.  Her first transformation occurred when she transitioned from a little country girl from Cumuto to an ultra-urban young woman of Port of Spain. She and her family bravely encountered and assumed the changes the new physical location brought.

Who knew that early transformation would lead to even greater ones?  Compelled by a childhood ambition, she courageously changed her career blazing a path in an industry that is relatively new in Trinidad.

Today, she lives the fulfilment of that dream helping women and men undergo dramatic improvements in their appearance.  Yello caught up with Nicole, and not only did she share her journey but she also added five essentials for the professional woman.

What is the name of your image consultancy company?

It’s Image by Anastasia Nicole.

What prompted you to get started in image consultancy? 

My interest in image consultancy came from a childhood passion for feeling confident about the way I looked. As a child I wasn’t too fond of the way I was dressed—I abhorred those frilly, churchy clothes.  My cousins from ‘the city’ (Port of Spain) would visit my family, and whenever they did, I often felt under-dressed and out of place.  When they visited they wore fancy clothes and looked so cool; as a child living in the ‘country’, I felt each time it showed up my lack of style.

What was the process you engaged in to become a certified image consultant?

First, I did research.  Then, I liaised with other image consultants and took a course locally with a seasoned image consultant.  I attempted to enrol in a Fashion Design degree programme—only to realise that it wasn’t what I wanted to do, after being unsuccessful with the entry. After that, I did more research, which resulted in me enrolling at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York to earn my certification in Image Consulting.

What does an image consultant do?

We offer a personalised service for women and men, detailing the best fashion pieces based on body type, age, personal style, and goals as well as personal preferences.

What do you perceive distinguishes a personal stylist from an image consultant?

I think FIT gives the best explanation.  FIT differentiates the two as follows:

“A personal stylist focuses on how to create images and characters utilising merchandise and props while working with photographers, videographers, visual professionals, editors, designers, and show producers for events, publication layouts and media.

While an image consultant focuses on how to advise clients to enhance physical attributes, minimise physical weaknesses, and project in a more positive manner.”

Personal branding is a term that is growing in use, what does it entail, and why is it important?

Personal branding involves developing an image that is unique to you; it’s daily self-representation in which you’re confident.  It’s important because the way you present yourself becomes the identifying feature by which people remember you.

What services does Image by Anastasia Nicole offer?

Our services include:

  • Complete image consultation.
  • Personal styling.
  • Closet editing.
  • Personal shopping.
  • Wardrobe planning.
  • Event styling.
  • Workshop facilitation.
  • Motivational speaking.


To whom do you offer your services?   

 We mainly cater to working women and men ages 25 to 45.  We take great pleasure in providing our services to women and men who are looking for hope and transformation in their lives.

Does Image by Anastasia Nicole specialise in a specific look? Explain why?

We do—professional wear.  I am passionate about helping the working woman navigate the turbulence of the corporate world in style; in a way that makes them look and feel confident.

What are your thoughts on the perspective that creating an image for yourself or others is being fake?

I don’t agree with that perspective at all.  It’s about helping people who are currently looking for hope and transformation in their professional life to transition to self-assuredness.  It’s providing people with greater confidence that sees them well on their way to pursuing personal dreams and aspirations.

What is a misconception people have about image consultancy?

A common misconception is that image consultants try to get people to wear only sought-after or trendy clothing without considering their body type.

How prevalent is image consultancy in Trinidad, and in what ways would you like to see it develop further?

It’s currently an emerging market, and I think more and more people are becoming aware of it. Primarily because with busy schedules, many top executives simply do not have time to shop and or plan their wardrobe on a weekly business. Having that service outsourced relieves much stress because it becomes one less thing to do.

I’d like to use my talent and abilities to develop the image consulting industry helping it become mainstream. I’d also like to see image consultants network more with each other and form strong bonds that will allow others to see us as an established body of professionals.

What do you wish to accomplish with Image by Anastasia Nicole?

My energies are focused on taking my business internationally within the next year.

Thank you for reading my story.  Here are my five sure-fire ways to always look ‘put together’:


  1. Keep your eyebrows well-groomed and wear a little makeup. You can keep it simple: powder, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner—and well-done eyebrows.
  2. Keep your hairstyle simple so that you can easily replicate it daily.
  3. Be clear on what looks fabulous on you, so that it’s the first items you select.
  4. Wear only the colours that compliment your skin tone and hair colour. An easy way to know if you’ve never done an image consultation is to stick to those colours that get you the most compliments.
  5. Be consistent.


Yello thanks Nicole for sharing her story, and image tips. To learn more about Image by Anastasia Nicole click here.

Be sure to be on the lookout for our quarterly image consultancy series, which begins in June. Nicole will share pointers on transforming your appearance.