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Eight Fun ‘Ole Time’ Caribbean Games You Kids Can Enjoy Over The Easter Holiday

by Lou-Ann Jordan Mar 18, 2024

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Findyello article on traditional Caribbean games image shows little girl playing hopscotch outdoors

Pretty soon, the children will be at home on holidays. If you’re scratching your head over what fun, entertaining activities you can have them do over the holidays, then you’re reading the right article. Do you remember how you spent your school breaks?

Most likely, you spent them outdoors, playing with your siblings or neighbourhood friends. You climbed trees to pick fresh fruit and eat, you took rides on your bike, and you played other games. There were no devices, yet you had a great time. Back in the day, all we needed were some marbles, jacks, a jump rope, a tennis ball (or aluminium foil rolled into a ball), or a smooth, flat stone. Peals of laughter and disgruntled shouts loudly echoed as we played games of pitch marble, rounders, hopscotch, and moral, to name a few.

Nevertheless, we understand that times are different, and so is this generation. However, here’s an idea! Why not do something different on this Easter school break? Have the kids put the devices away and usher them outdoors—to the front yard, that is. You can engage the youngsters in some fun ‘ole’ time games. They’ll have fun and also get much-needed exercise.

Moreover, these are entertaining activities they can enjoy whether on holiday or over the weekend. Additionally, you can make it a family affair, as everyone can participate.

Here are eight popular childhood games, and we’ve listed the items needed to get started. Let’s count down:


Findyello article on traditional Caribbean games image shows little girl flying a kite.

Kite flying – This one is a bit involved, but the kids will have a blast making their kites. An essential item is the kite’s material, and depending on the country, this varies. Kite paper, newspaper, plastic bags, and gift/tissue paper have all been used.  Whichever is chosen, you’ll also need thread, used bed linen, glue, and sticks. Click for tips on kite-making.


Moral – Unlike the other, this one requires little space, so a small yard is no deterrent. A tennis ball, a bit of chalk and well, coordination is all that’s needed to get this game going.


Findyello article on traditional Caribbean games image shows hand playing jacks

Jacks – This game can be played outdoors, or, dare we say it, indoors too. All that’s needed is a little cleared area. Many shops sell the game or, to create an authentic ‘ole time’ experience, grab a few pebbles and a tiny spring ball, and you’re set.


Rounders – To fully appreciate this game, you’ll need to get the whole family involved, as two teams are required. Also, you may want to head to a park, pasture, or savannah. Take along a tennis ball and let the games begin. Once again, walk with water, as it’s a very energetic game.


Findyello article on traditional Caribbean games image shows children jumping rope in the park

Skip or Jump rope – We know the name may vary, but the practice is the same. Two hold the rope at either end, turning in a circular motion, and others take turns skipping. Fancy footwork is a must. We guess you’ve figured out that you’ll need lots of space and water to stay hydrated.


Hopscotch – This is a well-loved game and one with which the kids may already be familiar. As you know, you’ll need a smooth, flat area and a piece of chalk. Players should carefully select their play ‘pieces’ (stones). 


Findyello article on traditional Caribbean games image shows children playing marbles

Pitch marbles – We weren’t too sure how to label this one. Some call it ‘pitch’, others ‘marbles’, and still others ‘pitch marbles’. Do you have a different name for it?  This game was a fun pastime for boys and girls alike. Who cared about our bruised knuckles or lost marbles? Some variety or home décor stores sell small packages of marbles (used for decorative purposes). These work just as well as our clear, yellow, blue or green inner striped glass marbles did. The family will love it. Draw a circle, place the marbles within the ring and let the ‘pitchin’ begin.


Ring games – These are excellent for very young children. They’ll have a blast dancing in the centre and being affectionate with other family members. Now, all you have to do is remember the songs.

We hope you’re able to spend the holidays bonding with the family while you take this trip down memory lane.  Take the opportunity to relive a bit of your childhood and share new memories with your young ones.