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It’s Your Office Annual Christmas Party: Here’s The Low Down On How To Turn Heads

by Lou-Ann Jordan Dec 2, 2019

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For many, one of the most highly anticipated work events is the annual Christmas party.

It’s like an oasis amid an eleven-month journey through a wasteland.  Men and women look forward to the chance of throwing off the past couple of months of gruelling hours, projects and dare we say it—pacifying irate customers.  They welcome the opportunity to shrug off the stress as they interact with their colleagues in a more relaxed setting.

The annual Christmas party is a time to forget about the challenges the work year brought, or to regale others with tales of incidences that occurred—and laugh because maybe at the time you couldn’t.  Nothing beats free food, upbeat music and the opportunity to get all gussied up.  And, the latter is not gender-specific either!

Let’s face it, in today’s society, both men and women enjoy stepping out and turning heads. No one gender has cornered the market on image management.  You can find members of both putting great effort and time into their appearances. Though, some women continue to give credence to the notion that females take longer to dress.

But we digress.  As your office holiday gatherings or parties are steadily approaching, we thought we’d offer some help.  We’ve decided, on your behalf, to enlist the help of an image consultant, Image by Anastasia Nicole founder Nicole Thomas. 

Earlier in the year, Nicole shared her expertise and fantastic sense of style with us when we explored fashion-forward office attire in our Power Your Monday series.  Now, she’s back to help us bring the year to a close—fashionably.

We know you’re excited about selecting an outfit for the Christmas party.  However, before you head off to shop for that elegant dress, or for the guys that dashing suit, check out Nicole’s tips:

Nicole’s list of things to consider before the event

Before you hit the shops, there are a few things you should find out about your Christmas party:

Consider the dress code or theme.  Dressing within these guidelines is essential since they can save you from being socially embarrassed.

Keep the setting in mind.  Is it indoor, outdoor or open-air?  These locations will dictate your choice of attire; whether dress warmly or cool. 

Note the type of event so you’ll know how to dress.  You should take note of whether your Christmas gathering is a cocktail event, a dinner or an after-work hangout. You wouldn’t want to show up dressed like Cinderella to a sports bar.

Check the invite or organisers for invitation guidelines.  Are plus-ones invited or not?  And, if you are taking a plus-one be sure that your dress codes are on the same level. Sometimes the tendency can be to have the lady dress to the nines and the guy step out in a pair of jeans—that’s a no-no!

Now, on to the good stuff; here are Nicole’s practical guidelines for outfit selection:

– Check seasonal colours. If you’re uber-stylish, then you may want to pay attention to some of the biggest colours for fall/winter 2019. These are pink, purple, orange, neon yellow and pistachio green.

You should know pistachio green is the new “it” colour this season. Yes, we know these aren’t ‘festive’ colours, but it’s about being fashion-focused, and you do want to make a statement when you step out.

– Some of you may be a bit more conventional, and that’s fine. You can opt for more traditional Christmas colours or any colour you fancy.

– For men, a classic black blazer or suit will always look smart.  You can add a pop of colour with a red tie, especially if this is not part of your usual ensemble. Or you can reverse it and wear a popping red jacket or blazer with a black tie and white shirt. Either will turn heads.

– Women, you can dust off or purchase an LBD (little black dress); this is always fashionable and appropriate, no matter the season.

– Accessories can make or break your outfit.  For the ladies, the Christmas party may present the perfect opportunity to wear some of those ‘special pieces’ in your collection. For men, that ‘special occasion’ watch can make a grand entry here.

Now off you go, we hope, fabulously attired and turning heads.

Have a wonderful time at your staff Christmas gathering!

Happy Holidays from Yello and Image by Anastasia Nicole!